5 Tips for Pregnant Moms Preparing for the Hospital

5 Tips for Pregnant Moms Preparing for the Hospital

Giving birth to your child will always be a momentous event in the life of any mother. When it’s your first time, you’ll be filled with so much excitement with not even a tinge of fear.  The second childbirth may be a different thing, though, since you may feel a bit scared after experiencing the pain of the child’s crowning.  Whichever way, you would want to be as comfortable as possible.  To attain this, a bit of preparation is needed.  Here are some tips to help you:


1. Prepare a list of tasks to accomplish before your delivery day


This is very important if you’re a working mom or have children already.  If you’re employed, make sure you have complied with all social security requirements, besides submitting your maternity leave.  Make sure you coordinate with your immediate supervisor, so you wouldn’t be burdened so much on your last week at work.


Make an arrangement with someone, a relative or trusted friend, to take care of your children when you and your husband are at the hospital for your delivery.  Check your budget and ensure your pantry is filled to sustain your children’s needs until you’re back on your feet to do your daily chores.


2. Research the hospital you’re going to give birth in


This is important as it will affect the stuff you’re going to pack for the hospital.  For example, certain hospitals do not allow videoing for the delivery itself, although there's generally no regulation against taping prior and after giving birth.  Also, not every hospital lets people use the outlets in their delivery room.


Thus, a charger powered by batteries may come handy or you could find other ways of charging your gadgets that will not require an electric plug.  Check out as well any freebies provided in your accommodation, as the amenities vary for patients admitted in a hospital ward, private room, or a suite room.  In this way, you need not bring stuff that’s already there, such as certain toiletries, utensils, and the like. 


3. Stock up on essentials for the home


Do your groceries and shopping for your household and hospital must-haves beforehand to steer clear of taking trips to stores afterward.  Pantry stocks, frozen items, toiletries, vitamins and medicine, toiletries for home and baby, and even additional pairs of or disposable underwear frequently come quite handy when you bring your newborn baby home.

4. Prepare a hospital bag


Packing in advance is essential, but safeguarding you have everything needed, not excessive, is more important. Here are some recommended items we have on our check list:


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    5. Let loved ones know the birth of a new family member

    For your first born child, call your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters to let them be the first to know about the good news

    If you already have children, sometimes they may not share the same enthusiasm and you and your partner.  This is common when the gap between the two is less than five years. To establish a good bond between children, let the older children visit you in the hospital and help them feel involved in the pregnancy and birth. Let them see how happy you are that they now have someone to help you look after for.  


    On this meaningful day, the day you give birth to your child, prepare for a lifetime as a parent who’s building a family with a strong bond of love.   

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