5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Baby

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Baby

When you become a mom, Valentine’s Day certainly changes. Why? Because you have another being in your life to eternally love. While it’s still essential to enjoy a special evening with your significant other; it’s also important that you participate in some fun and festive activities that remind your little one just how much they have stolen your heart. Here are the top five ways you can celebrate with your baby.


1. Chocolate Sensory Play



Babies and toddlers of all ages love to learn through touch and taste. Why not enjoy a tasty treat that will delight their senses? Spoon some chocolate pudding into a bowl and invite your little one to get their hands dirty, and have your toddler help you dip pieces of fruit or crackers in the chocolate spread. Yum! Click here for an easy banana pop recipe.


2. Mommy and Me Mini Session



Nothing captures a moment better than a picture. Many photographers offer adorable Valentine’s Day mini sessions for you and your kiddos to pose for. You can start sitting for shots when your baby is an infant, and make getting dressed up for your picture “date” an annual event!


3. Sign Up for a Mommy and Me Class



A mom’s hectic schedule (especially if she’s not a stay at home mom) can sometimes get in the way of some quality, one on one time with her baby. Make it a point to sign up for a Mommy and Me session in the month of February. It can be your Valentine’s gift to your baby. Whether you participate in a song group, gymnastics class, or Saturday swim class; your baby will love all the extra time they get to spend with you regardless of the activity you select.


4. Treat Yourself to a “Couple’s” Massage



“Couple” in this case would be yourself and your child (your partner may even get a little jealous!). Have a traveling masseuse come to your home to teach you some basic massage techniques so you can give this relaxing gift to your child over and over again before they go to bed. When you’re done learning about baby massage, enjoy a “mommy” massage!


5. Picnic Lunch



Even if you live in a region that is chilly during the month of February, you can still have a “picnic.” Just keep it indoors. Spread out a plush, red blanket on your floor and pack up a picnic basket filled with festive food items. Enjoy heart shaped sandwiches and mini chocolate dipped strawberries! You can even spread some rose petals across the floor. The best part is that clean-up is a cinch! Just wrap up the blanket, open the door; and shake off the crumbs!


There are a number of awesome activities that you can do with your baby or toddler on Valentine’s Day. These five ideas are sure to delight children of all ages and will make them feel very special on this love-filled day!


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