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10 Most Popular Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

With a baby on the way, your life – and your home – will never be the same. You are going to spend a lot of time with your baby; in fact, your days and nights will revolve around them and their needs. It just makes a lot of sense to set up a charming baby nursery that both you and your baby will love staying in.

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is coming up with the nursery theme. It is truly a wonderful experience to choose pieces and baby essentials one by one until they create a soothing environment for your newborn baby.

For many reasons, it is a wise idea to go for a gender-neutral nursery theme. For starters, you can begin setting up the nursery even before you find out your baby’s gender. Also, you don’t have to tear the nursery down and build a new one with every baby – a gender-neutral theme often remains in style and stands the test of time!

A gender-neutral theme is often classy, but it does not mean bland and boring. There are many gender-neutral nursery themes that you can choose from to fit every personality! Here are 10 of the most popular gender-neutral nursery themes today!

10 Beautiful Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

1.    Safari

Safari Nursery 

A safari nursery theme is vibrant and playful. With safari animals like lions, zebras, and giraffes, there is plenty to look at and there are a lot of things that you can teach your baby. This means that a safari theme is not only nice to look at but also educational! It may also help develop in your baby a love for animals!


2.    Woodland

Woodland Nursery 

A woodland-themed nursery is a combination of whimsical animals and ethereal nature elements. Give your baby nursery a fancy atmosphere with woodland fauna like foxes, owls, and bears and then flora like pine trees and oaks. Your baby will learn so many things with a woodland nursery theme! 


3.   Story Book 

Story Book Nursery

Via Pinterest

If you want to raise a reader, surround your baby with lots of books – and book-themed nursery pieces and essentials! Storybook characters like Peter Rabbit make for adorable faces and designs that your baby will enjoy looking at. Dr. Seuss’s characters, on the other hand, will add quirk to your nursery. The possibilities are endless! 

4.    Elephants 

Elephant Nursery

Elephants are a really popular theme when it comes to baby and nursery essentials. Elephants portray mildness and gentleness, and because of this calming effect, elephant designs are ideal for baby products. Elephants are not only gender-neutral but also perfect to use with any color scheme!


5.    Tribal

Tribal Nursery

Via Pinterest 

A tribal-inspired baby nursery looks hip and trendy, but with the right pieces, it can stand the test of time. Tribal-inspired designs are perfect if you want to conjure an adventurous and spirited feeling for your baby’s nursery. The patterns also look gorgeous!

6.    Farmhouse

Farmhouse Nursery

Via Pinterest

If what you have in mind is a nursery that is charming and rustic, then a farmhouse theme is for you! You can play with neutral colors like beige and brown and experiment with shabby chic designs and patterns. You can even add items from your childhood home to make the nursery even more cozy! 

7.    Outer Space

Outer Space Nursery

Via Pinterest 

For your future astronaut, is there anything better and more apt than an outer space-themed baby nursery? Glow-in-the dark stars and the Milky Way on the walls are pretty much necessary. You can also add a rocket ship-shaped tent and a star projector to complete the look! 

8.    Mountains

Mountains Nursery

If you want to go romantic but do not want pinks and florals in your nursery, consider mountain peaks! Mountains look dreamy and convey a positive and inspiring message. Mountain-inspired designs usually look great with a cool color scheme, but you can go for a warm, summery landscape, too! 


9.    Skies

Stars Nursery

Via Pinterest 

For a bright, optimistic atmosphere, go for a skies-themed baby nursery. You can explore many different designs such as stars and clouds, and you can even add details like the sun and a hot air balloon. Fun and cheerful, a baby nursery inspired by the skies is perfect for your perky baby!


10. Greys

Grey Nursery 

Finally, if you can’t decide on a specific theme, then it is okay to just decide on a color and start from there. Grey is a popular gender-neutral color for baby nurseries because it is modern but classy, it goes with anything, and it goes with almost any nursery theme if you decide to choose one later on.



These 10 gorgeous gender-neutral nursery themes make parenting and raising a baby definitely a hundred times more exciting!

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