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15 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nurseries for Every Baby

The arrival of a new baby is definitely a momentous event that needs a lot of preparation – physical, emotional, and mental. One of these many preparations involves preparing your home for your baby. In particular, this means setting up your newborn baby’s nursery! 

Preparing your baby’s nursery is an exciting task. You may find that it is a refreshing change from all the mundane things you have to do while pregnant such as taking prenatal vitamins and going to countless doctor appointments. It is totally understandable if you find yourself looking forward to it as early as during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

If you feel like it’s time to begin setting up the nursery, then do it! It’s never too early to prepare your baby’s new room. This just might be one of the brightest highlights of your pregnancy and, of course, it’s always a great excuse to shop!

Putting Together the Perfect Baby Nursery

You may think that you need to buy a lot of things for your newborn baby’s nursery, but the truth is you don’t really need a lot. Here are the basic things that you can buy:

It is also okay to buy a few more accessories to add to your baby’s room. For example, you may want to put up a couple of wall art and lay a play mat on the floor. You can even hang an adorable garland to add character to the nursery. But it you want to keep things simple and minimalist, it is perfectly fine to stick to the basics.

Now, you can begin setting up your baby nursery!

15 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Nurseries

It is smart to begin setting up your nursery early. Even if the instinct to nest has not sunk in at this point, you can always start by shopping for one key piece at a time. 

But it can get a little bit tricky if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet. It may still be a bit too early for you to know the gender. It is also possible that you have chosen not to know their gender until D-Day comes. Don’t worry, you can always count on beautiful gender-neutral designs to have your back.

Then again, you might also be going for a gender-neutral baby nursery by choice. After all, the market is already so saturated with gendered options: baby pink for baby girls and baby blue for baby boys. It gets old, doesn’t it?

If you want to explore beyond pinks and blues, and you want your nursery to look elegant and classy, here are some ideas that you need to see!

1.    Nursery goals: Cool, classic colors and an upped coziness factor.


2.    It’s hard to go wrong with neutrals and homey accents.


3.    Bright colors and a painted scenery complete a whimsical nursery.



4.    Whites, greys, and wooden accents go so well together.


5.    This dreamy baby nursery will soothe any fussy baby!


6.    Make a nursery even prettier with pictures and foliage.


7.    A well-lit room is the foundation of a warm baby nursery.


8.    Muted hues and elephant prints are easy on the eyes.


9.    Whites and clean lines make the perfect minimalist nursery.


10.  But you can go crazy with color, too, for a charming room!


11.  Deep colors and quirky accents are very attractive, too.


12.  This is a great nursery idea to follow if you want to go modern.


13.  This nursery will spark your baby’s budding imagination.


14.  Everyone wants a penguin-themed baby nursery!


15.  Breathe an air of fun with adorable stencils – and a tepee!


Every newborn baby deserves the best start in life. Putting together a nursery that is calming and comforting for your baby is a great way to show your love as new parents.

With these gorgeous nursery ideas, your options for a warm first home are no longer restricted by your baby’s gender.

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