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5 Gorgeous Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Neutral Baby Gifts

Is your sister or BFF giving birth soon? Show them how excited you are for the baby by giving them a thoughtful gift on their baby shower!

Many parents prefer to receive gender-neutral gifts, but it can be quite a challenge to look for something sensible but not totally ho-hum. Never fear because we’ve got you covered! Here are three charming gender-neutral baby shower gifts that your loved ones will truly cherish.

1. Diaper Cake
Diaper cake

Is it really a baby shower without a diaper cake? Diaper cakes are adorable and are easily the highlight of a party. They look delightful and they’re really easy to make! Plus, the biggest selling point of giving an expecting couple a diaper cake is probably the fact that it is basically diapers – just one of the things they will definitely need.

To make your diaper cake more fun, add other baby essentials into the mix like baby toiletries, these lovely garlands, toys, and books.

2. Knitted Toy

Knitted toys Finn the Giraffe and Austin the Lion

Not all toys are created equal! While most toys can be entertaining, plastic toys and electronics do little for a child’s development and can even cause overstimulation. Not to mention electronic toys are loud and annoying – long-time parents will agree!

On the contrary, we suggest getting well-made toys that stimulate babies’ imagination… like Austin Lion! Austin is a cuddly toy that is made with high quality cotton, which is the best and safest material for soft snuggles and unlimited playtime.

Austin Lion will be a delightful companion for the expecting couple’s little one. Aside from Austin, we also have Theodore Elephant, Joe Monkey, Charley Fox, and more, all available in our shop!

3. Memory Book

Baby Memory Book

This is a very, very important time in the life of your loved ones. Trust us when we say they will want to document their baby’s every milestone! Help them chronicle their little one’s adventures by giving them a beautiful baby memory book.

There are plenty of options in the market to choose from (we’re loving this one from National Geographic!), but if you’re feeling crafty, you can also make your own to make the keepsake even more special.

Additional tip: Buy a gift card and insert it into one of the pages for a nice little surprise!

4. Muslin Jacquard Baby Blanket

Muslin Jacquard Baby Blankets in Chevron, Stars, and Clouds

You will never go wrong with sticking to the essentials. Baby blankets are on every new mom’s must-have list because they are versatile and useful. Aside from keeping little ones warm, a baby blanket can also be used as a nursing cover, an emergency burp cloth, a shade for the stroller or the car seat, a play mat, a towel, and so much more. With this said, a good baby blanket will certainly go a long way.

And we haven’t met a parent – or baby – yet who didn’t fall in love with our popular muslin jacquard blankets! Proudly made with 100% cotton, our ultra-soft baby blankets are breathable and comfortable.

A classic Living Textiles item, our baby blankets come in timeless and gender-neutral designs, such as Clouds, Chevron, Stars, and more!

5. Living Textiles Baby Bento Gift Set

Bento Box Gift Set - 2 pack Muslin Swaddle with Mini Austin Lion Knit Rattle Toy

If you can’t decide between giving a toy or a baby essential, our bestselling Baby Bento gift set from our Signature Collection comes through! This particular gift set includes two muslin swaddle blankets and an Austin Lion knitted toy, all of which are made with top quality 100% cotton.

Don’t forget that our cotton muslin swaddles soften with every wash, making them even more comfortable to use. It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving! There are more Signature Collection Baby Bento Gift Sets that are available on our website, and they come in several designs and options to suit every personality.

Any expecting parent would love to receive any of the five gift suggestions on our list… or you can go all-out and get all five! *wink* We promise that your gift will be well-loved and well-used in the years to come!

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