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5 Things We Really Love About Chenille Baby Blankets

It’s difficult to not love chenille. It feels fluffy, soft, and velvety smooth – it just generally feels amazing against the skin. Being draped in a blanket made of chenille will remind you of being enveloped in an easy embrace.

Imagine cuddling with your baby in the softness of chenille – what a delightful way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon!

We love chenille so much that we have an entire line of chenille baby blankets. Babies need warmth and comfort, and wrapping them in a soft baby blanket like ours is an excellent way to provide them with these needs. After all, a warm and comfortable baby is a happy baby.

What is Chenille?

A chenille baby blanket will make your baby feel cozy and comfortable. But what exactly is chenille?

Chenille is a soft fabric that is made by wrapping yarn around a core and then evenly cutting the resulting fibers. This produces the fuzzy surface that chenille is well known for. Reminiscent of velvet, chenille is both buttery soft and nicely textured.

The word “chenille” means “caterpillar” in French. This makes a lot of sense because the texture of the fabric will remind you of a caterpillar: soft, furry, and feathery.

5 Things to Love About Living Textiles Chenille Baby Blankets

While chenille is versatile and can be used to create many household items, it is also a great choice for baby products for many reasons.

You will be delighted by our selection of chenille baby blankets because they look charming. Aside from that, your family will love the blankets’ softness, durability, and versatility.

Here are 5 things to love about Living Textiles chenille baby blankets – the reasons why you will love them, too!

1.   Our chenille baby blankets are incredibly soft.

We make sure that our baby products are not just soft but ultra-soft, and Living Textiles chenille baby blankets are certainly no exception. Made of high quality polyester, wrapping your baby in our chenille baby blanket will make them feel safe and secure.

Aside from bringing feelings of warmth and coziness, these chenille baby blankets are ultimately a simple luxury anyone can afford. They feel wonderful even against your baby’s delicate skin! The lush feeling of being enveloped in something so nice and lovely is a gift you can give your baby every day.

2.   Our chenille baby blankets have an interesting texture.

Little babies learn about the world around them by touching and    feeling. Aside from helping them discover their environment, encouraging your baby to touch and feel is a brilliant way to build their confidence and self-awareness. This is the reason why we need to surround them with things that stimulate their tactile sense.

A chenille baby blanket, because of the way it is fashioned, has an interesting and pleasant texture. The interwoven yarns and fibers create soft ridges that your baby will enjoy touching and feeling. Coupled with hugs and cuddles, your baby will be in for a wonderful sensory experience.  

3.   Our chenille baby blankets are versatile.

Chenille baby blankets are not just covers for keeping warm. Living Textiles chenille blankets, in particular, are gender-neutral and make excellent baby gifts. Apart from that, they are also widely useful and versatile and can be used in a number of ways.

You can use our blankets as a décor to add flair to your baby’s nursery. You can also use them in the stroller, keeping your baby warm and snug on the go. There’s nothing stopping you from using our blankets as a soft play mat, too! The possibilities are endless.

4.   Our chenille baby blankets are also tough and durable.

There are a lot of baby products in the market now. However, we know that you would want something long-lasting and made of high quality material. The great news is that chenille, despite its softness and delicate look, is a tough fabric and can withstand regular use.

Chenille is an easy fabric to care for, too. You can throw your chenille baby blankets in your washing machine, provided that you wash it in cold water and use the gentlest setting. It also does not attract dirt as much as other fabrics do. Because of this, chenille is truly a perfect fabric intended for your baby’s belongings.

5.   Finally, our chenille baby blankets have a distinct attractive look.

A great quality of chenille that is hard to ignore is its distinct gorgeous look. The weaving style and the material used in the chenille fabric result to its unique and soft tuft. Because of this, Living Textiles chenille baby blankets definitely add elegance to your baby’s room.

Many of our chenille baby blankets come in gender-neutral designs with a tasteful palette of muted and subdued colors that are easy on the eyes. They are made with the modern family in mind, but at the same time, they are also classic and timeless.  

As with any Living Textiles product, our chenille baby blankets are thoughtfully designed and crafted with premium materials. This means that you can use our blankets and re-use them, and they will still look as wonderful as they did the first time you had them.

Whether it’s in your arms or in their crib, whether it’s in the stroller or in the car, you can always keep your baby cozy with Living Textiles chenille baby blankets. They will be a great addition to your baby’s must haves, and they will never go out of style.

Living Textiles chenille baby blankets are ultra-soft and reminiscent of fluffy clouds. They are also both versatile and durable. With this said, our chenille baby blankets are a wise and practical choice.

Your baby certainly deserves nothing less! If you are ready to shop for chenille baby blankets, click here.

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