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6 Gorgeous Baby Decorations and Baby Accessories to Add to Your Nursery

You’re almost done setting up your baby’s nursery. You have chosen a good quality baby crib and put it in the center of the room. The changing table has been added to the side and a heavy dresser to the other.


You have also gotten a selection of fine and comfortable baby bedding sets – only the best for your baby, of course. You also have the softest muslin blankets, the loveliest musical mobile, and the most adorable plush toys.


Now what?


If you have already taken care of the essentials but think something is still missing, you might want to add some baby decorations and baby accessories to your nursery!


Beyond baby bedding sets and knitted baby blankets, these adorable extras spruce up your room and help you bring your desired nursery theme to life. You just have to choose ones that are not only pretty but also high-quality and baby friendly.


6 Baby Decorations and Baby Accessories Your Nursery Needs


  1.   Lighting

Baby Decorations

A lamp shade is the perfect baby decoration to go on top of your wooden dresser. It will serve as a cute accent piece to add charm to your baby nursery. A lamp shade will also – quite literally – brighten up the room with its warm glow. Its light is not too harsh and just right, which is ideal for night time feedings.




Fox Lamp Base

Grey Spindle Lamp Base

Green Zig Zag Lamp Shade

Grey Zig Zag Lamp Shade

Fox & Amber Herringbone Lamp Base & Shade


  1.   Cushion

Baby Decorations

A cushion is a versatile baby accessory. From being part of your baby’s nursery, it can also be a toy or a pillow for cuddling and sleeping. It is essential to choose a cushion that is durable (for playing) and ultra-soft (for cuddling). Get a cushion made of 100% cotton if you can!


Mountain Peaks Cushion

Pink Love Decorative Cushion

Dream Big Decorative Cushion

Grey Twinkle Decorative Cushion


  1.   Canvas Art

Blank walls? No problem! If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls a specific color to suit your nursery theme, there is an easier way to spruce them up: wall art! A lightweight canvas art is preferable over something with a wooden frame because the latter can seriously harm someone if it falls.



Sparrow Deer Canvas Art


  1.   Wall Decals

Another easy and non-committal way to decorate your nursery walls is by putting up vibrant and quirky wall decals. Adding animals and characters to your wall is a great way to ignite your baby’s imagination, too. Best of all, they are removable and reusable so you can place them anywhere you please.



Woods Wall Decals


  1.   Garlands

If you are not a fan of sticking something to your walls, you can add pretty garlands as baby accessories. Like cushions, garlands can double as baby toys, too, especially if you choose the soft, knitted kind. Don’t forget to choose 100% cotton garlands to avoid irritating your baby’s delicate skin.



White Stars Knitted Garlands

Grey Clouds Knitted Garlands


  1.   Quilt  


A simple baby quilt can be one of the most versatile baby accessories you can get! You can use a baby quilt to add color and character to your nursery by hanging it on the wall or hanging it over your crib. It can also serve as your baby’s bedding and play mat.



Peaks Baby Quilt

Stella Baby Quilt

Woods Baby Quilt

Sparrow Baby Quilt 

Though some may not consider these baby decorations and baby accessories as essentials, they will effortlessly brighten up any room! If you want to achieve a particular nursery look, these decorations and accessories might just be what you need.

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