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6 of the Best and Safest Baby Toys for Your Newborn

For little babies, toys are not just tools for entertainment – they are instruments that help them explore and understand the world. It is through playing that a newborn begins to learn how to navigate her environment through her senses, and this is made possible by choosing the best and safest baby toys.

It is vital to choose basic that are made of safe, baby-friendly materials. Little babies often explore things by tasting them so avoid plastic toys for now! Toys that come with small removable parts are also a big no-no as they can be a choking hazard. So what toys should you buy for your baby?

We recommend these 6 baby toys for your newborn:

A newborn baby has different needs from a 6-month old baby or a toddler. While an older baby may enjoy playing with manipulative toys such as blocks and nesting cups, an infant of 0 to 3 months old will enjoy plush hand-held toys, soft play mats, and soothing sounds.

Here’s a list of our recommended baby toys for newborns to get you started!

1. Charley Fox Knitted Toy by Living Textiles

Because a newborn baby is nearsighted and cannot see beyond

8 to 12 inches away from her, she will certainly appreciate it if you bring her toys within her line of vision. With this said, the toys that you choose for her should be safe and soft enough to be brought near to her.

The Charley Fox Knitted Toy is made of 100% cotton so it is

completely safe for infants. It is extra soft, has an expressive face (newborns love faces!), and contains a jingling rattle. It is the complete baby toy, being able to stimulate your child’s tactile, visual, and auditory senses.

2. Kayden Black Scallops Play Mat

Tummy time is a baby essential, and this is why an activity

mat is one of the best baby toys you can buy. But not all activity mats are made the same! While you would aim to choose a play mat that stimulates your child’s imagination, at this stage, a “busy” activity mat can be too much for a newborn.

The Kayden Black Scallops Play Mat is made of 100% cotton. It does not have the bells and whistles as play gyms do, but this is actually

perfect for little newborn babies. It does have a highly contrasting black and white pattern, which is great for a newborn’s eyesight.

3. Kenzie Unicorn Knitted Rattle by Living Textiles

Every newborn baby needs a rattle! Not only are rattles the perfect soothers, they also teach infants vital skills such as hand-eye

coordination, grasp reflex, and understanding cause and effect. Oh, and swinging a rattle is good exercise for her little arms and hands, too!

The Kenzie Unicorn Knitted Rattle is a good choice for newborns. You don’t have to worry about your baby putting it in her mouth because it is made of 100% high quality cotton. Yes, she can use it as a teether! Your newborn baby will also love the character’s adorably expressive

face, and so will you.  

4. Sparrow Musical Mobile by Living Textiles

Because a newborn baby spends most of her time lying down, it is important to put something fascinating above her to inspire her growing imagination. Remember that babies absorb information at an amazing rate, and every moment is an opportunity for her to learn new things.

The Sparrow Musical Mobile is not just a pretty addition to your nursery, it will encourage your baby’s love for learning, too. Dangling

from it are adorable animal toys (also made of 100% premium cotton) that will captivate her interest. Plus, it also plays the classic Brahms’ lullaby that will soothe your baby into a peaceful sleep.

5. Cloth Book

Books are indispensable at any age. But regular paper backs can be too fragile for newborn babies who haven’t mastered their fine motor controls yet. On the other hand, cardboard books are still too heavy and bulky for their tiny hands. Instead, newborn babies will benefit from having a soft book made of cloth.

A good cloth book will stimulate your newborn’s tactile, visual, and auditory senses. It will be filled with bold colors, a lot of pictures, and a lot of texture. Some cloth books will even have bells and squeakers to delight your baby. Aside from stimulating your infant’s senses, having soft books around will help you raise a reader!

6. Unbreakable Mirror

Are mirrors really a good newborn baby toy? The short answer is yes! Newborns love to look at faces, and guess which face will pique her curiosity the most? Her own face is one of the most interesting things she can explore. Get her an unbreakable mirror for a safe exploration activity!

A good play mirror is a great baby toy and baby accessory. Ideally, this is a shatterproof mirror that is non-toxic and should be made without flame retardants. It may also come with a cloth frame to make it easier to grasp. Some good play mirrors even come with little toys and interesting decorations around it, making play time even more entertaining for your baby.

Choose Baby Toys Wisely

It is important to keep in mind that a newborn baby’s toys should not only be entertaining, they should be age-appropriate and stimulating as well. On top of that, your newborn baby’s toys should be completely safe, crafted carefully out of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

We hope we were able to help you in choosing the perfect baby toys for your bundle of joy!

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