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7 Exciting Summer Activities for Your Baby

Your baby may be little, but they don’t have to miss out on all the fun promises of summer! With ample preparations to keep them cool and out of the sun, there are so many summer activities that your baby can enjoy.


The summer days may be long, so plan ahead! On some days you can let your baby take the lead and spend hours and hours on unstructured play. But on some days, you can let planned activities guide your schedule. These summer activities for baby are not only entertaining but also helpful in developing physical, mental, and emotional skills.


How to Keep Your Baby Cool While Having Fun


The long hot days can get intolerable and can do harm to your baby’s delicate skin. This is why it is very important to know how to keep your baby cool in the summer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  •     During hot days, your baby will get a lot thirstier than usual so increase their fluid intake. If your baby is breastfed, nurse on demand. If your baby is bottle-fed, give them cooled sterilized water throughout the day.
  •     Always stay in well-ventilated areas. Stay indoors between 10:00 am and at least 2:00 pm when the sunlight is at its harshest.
  •     Use cotton, which is light and breathable, instead of synthetic fabrics.
  •     Use sunscreen when you go out.


The sun can do a lot of damage to your baby’s skin, so remember these tips to keep your baby cool in the summer!


7 Fun Summer Activities Your Baby Can Do


1.    Painting


Encourage the growth of your baby’s creativity by letting them paint! There are many safe and baby-friendly alternatives to regular paint, such as edible paint, which you can do at home. Another alternative is plain water or ice with food coloring or juice powder!


You can also either let them paint on paper or on an easel or take the activity outside. Since edible paint is usually washable, you can let your baby paint on your backyard walls and fence. Aside from honing your baby’s growing imagination, painting will also help develop their fine motor skills


2.    Bubbles


A classic favorite, blowing bubbles is an effective way to keep your baby enthralled for hours! This activity is so easy to set up, and little cleanup is needed after you’re done. Letting your baby – gleefully – chase bubbles will build their muscles and help develop their gross motor skills.


You can buy pre-made bubbles that are safe for babies, or you can make your own at home. It is also a good idea to use different wands to form different bubble shapes. Aside from the regular bubble wand that your bubble liquid came with, you can also use various household supplies like strings, straws, and your colander.


3.    Stroll


Taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood is a relaxing activity that both you and your baby will benefit from. Walking is a good form of exercise for you, and it relieves stress, too. As for your baby, the stroll will expose them to many things that will captivate their interests.


Make sure to go out during the hours when the sun is not at its peak. You can go take your stroll early in the morning or late in the afternoon. But even so, don’t forget to put on a minimal amount of sunscreen on your baby’s skin and carry a lightweight cotton muslin blanket for shade.


4.    Ice Play


Let your baby have fun while cooling down by letting them play with ice! The cold sensation of playing with ice will provide relief especially when the weather is especially hot. Your baby will have a lot of fun and, at the same time, the activity provides them with a great sensory experience.


Your ice will definitely not remain frozen in the heat, but your baby can continue playing with ice even when it has already melted. They can splash with the cold water and practice their pouring skills with cups. You can even use the melted ice as paint by adding a few drops of food color to it.


5.    Ice Cream


A scoop of good ice cream makes a hot summer day a lot more bearable. For older babies, it’s fun to play pretend ice cream parlor and mix different ice cream flavors with various fruits and toppings. Take the bowls outside so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards.


For younger babies who cannot eat ice cream yet, you can whip up delicious fruit and milk smoothies instead. They are very nutritious way to beat the summer heat! For even younger babies, like newborn babies, you can express some breast milk, put it inside popsicle molds, and pop them inside the freezer.


6.    Reading


Nothing beats reading a good book on a hot summer day. Share the fun with your baby by curling up in a thick comforter inside an air-conditioned room and reading an interesting storybook. Reading keeps your baby entertained and it develops your baby’s mental and cognitive skills.


For older babies, you can take a walk to the nearest library in your area. There will be plenty of books to choose from, and you will enjoy being in an air-conditioned room…for free! Bonus: your baby will be in for a deep, relaxing sleep after the activity!


7.    Swimming


Finally, it’s impossible to let an entire summer season pass without at least one day of frolicking in the pool or at the beach! It is exciting to go on a trip to the beach, but for younger babies, the controlled environment of a swimming pool may be better and more conducive.


Remember that your baby can only go to the pool if they already know how to control their head. Otherwise, it is safer to stay at home and just give your baby a dip in their bathtub. Also, avoid going to public swimming pools during peak hours and choose hours during which there will be fewer people around.


You don’t have to be cooped up inside the house for the entirety of summer, trying to avoid the hot summer sun. Be summer-ready with the right preparations and precautions, as well as a list of exciting summer activities for your baby!

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