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7 Products That Will Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Sleep seems like a vague concept from the distant future when you are parenting a newborn baby. But the truth is, you can encourage your baby to sleep better with the right preparation.

Newborn babies sleep a lot. In fact, babies this small spend most of their time sleeping! So why do new parents feel like their babies are not giving them enough time to sleep? This is because newborn babies’ sleep patterns are erratic. Their nervous systems are still immature and developing and, as illustrated by the Moro or startle reflex, it can cause them to wake up in the middle of their sleep.  

But at the 3rd or 4th month, your baby’s nervous system matures and they are able to adapt to the new environment. They are also gradually learning to self-soothe. With the help of consistent bedtime routines, sooner or later, their sleeping patterns will change.

At this point, they may not be equipped to sleep for 8 hours straight yet. However, getting them to sleep for 4 to 5 hours straight is almost as good as getting them to sleep through the night! 

What can you do to encourage your baby to sleep better? Here are 7 things you can get to promote better sleep at night. 

7 Products to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

1.   Dark Curtains

The first thing you have to do is to get your nursery to have an ambience that is conducive for sleep. Many babies sleep better in a dim environment. If your nursery happens to have large windows with natural light streaming in, it’s best to get dark or blackout curtains.

While it’s okay to let the sunlight in when your baby is wide awake and active, it is best to dim the room and reduce stimulation hours before your baby sleeps. It helps them identify the difference between day and night. Eventually, they will understand that nighttime is time for calm and quiet – and for sleep.  

2.   Lamp Shade

While it’s tempting to keep the room pitch-dark, it is better to keep a soft source of light on. Your baby may wake up in the middle of the night, and not being able to see their surroundings can be distressful. Also, you will need to change their diapers, and you definitely would like to see what you’re doing without having to switch on the main light.

A lamp shade does the job perfectly. This particular lamp shade produces a warm glow that does not distract baby but gives off the right amount of light. It adds charm to your nursery, too!

3.   Musical Mobile

A musical mobile provides your baby with entertainment while they are awake. It also piques your child’s growing curiosity. But when it’s almost bedtime, a good musical mobile should also be able to lull your baby into sleep by making them feel calm and relaxed.

This knitted musical mobile is gender-neutral and is the perfect addition to any nursery. More importantly, it plays 12 soothing melodies including “Brahms’ Lullaby,” “It’s A Small World,” “Are You Sleeping,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and more. The toy accessories are made of cotton – perfect for playing with.

4.   White Noise Machine

It is also a good idea to add a white noise machine to your baby’s nursery. White noise is known to soothe fussy babies by creating a comfortable, relaxing environment. In fact, some experts claim that white noise is effective because it recreates the sounds inside the womb.

There are a lot of baby-safe options in the market. Choose one that produces soft white noise and avoid the harsher sounding ones. But if buying a white noise machine is impractical, you can also make use of the appliances that you already have, such as your vacuum cleaner!

5.   Cotton Crib Bedding

Cotton is a great fabric to use for baby products because it is ideal for newborn babies. Also, cotton is lightweight and breathable, so your baby stays cozy but not overheated. In choosing your baby’s crib bedding set, it is best to choose something made of 100% premium cotton.

For example, this crib bedding set includes two design-coordinated crib fitted sheets, one quilt, and one bed skirt. Every piece is made of 100% cotton, which will not irritate your baby’s skin. The whimsical designs add flair to any baby nursery, too.

6.   Wearable Blanket

For newborn babies, a wearable blanket is the more practical option than a loose blanket. Wearable blankets are worn over the body, so they will never get lost during the night. Because they are worn, they help keep your baby’s ideal body temperature, promoting better sleep.

A good wearable blanket is neither too loose nor too tight. This particular wearable blanket is made of breathable cotton muslin. It comes with four click-together buttons, allowing for a secure – but not restrictive – fit. The design is also classic and subtle.   

7.   Plush Toys

Finally, if your baby is beginning to show an attachment to their belongings, let them. It is a mark of emotional maturity and a capacity to show empathy toward others. They may also rely on a specific favorite for warmth. Later on, they will sleep better with their security blanket or toy by their side.

It is best to surround your baby with items that are safe to play with. For example, these knitted plush toys are made of 100% high quality cotton. They don’t pose any risk to your newborn baby, and your baby will delight in their softness. Toys like these will help them sleep more comfortably at night.


Your baby learning to sleep better helps improve their general health and wellness. A well-rested baby thinks more clearly and is more prepared to learn new motor and developmental skills. They are also better adjusted and are more active when it comes to imagination and play. 

Featured image by Peter Oslanec on Unsplash
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