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7 Things You Would Want to Know About Raising Girls

It’s so exciting to have a little girl around. You do not only get to have a mini version of you but also a lifelong best friend and shopping partner! But little girls are not little dolls. They can be feisty with strong personalities that you need to be ready for!

If you have girls, then one of the most important responsibilities you have is raising strong daughters. Little girls may look delicate and fragile, but this could not be farther from the truth. If you want to know what you can expect about raising girls, this is for you.

Here are seven things you would want to know about raising daughters.

1. Little girls are talkative!

What you might have heard about little girls turns out to be true: they can chat your ears off! On average, girls talk a lot more than boys. This comes as no surprise considering that girls often utter their first words and make complete sentences earlier than boys. What’s more interesting is that little girls can talk about almost any topic, with hand gestures to match!

2. Little girls enjoy copying their moms.

Another thing that you would like to know about raising daughters is that they will have a fantastic time copying you! If little boys enjoy playing outside, don’t worry if your little girl is content with staying home. Observe closely and you might see your girl imitating you as you cook. She will also enjoy putting on makeup the way you do! 

3. Little girls are social creatures.

Little girls are empathetic, which makes them extremely loyal friends, especially to fellow girls. This is because they are observant and can quickly notice changes in emotions through facial expressions. And because they can be emotional themselves, it is not uncommon for little girls to get upset easily. Talking them through their emotions helps them cope with their feelings.

4. Little girls are very observant.

As mentioned in number 3, little girls are possibly the most observant creatures you will ever meet. They will immediately notice new things, like new clothes and new shoes. In fact, they get drawn to new things — even when you’re wearing them — so don’t be surprised if your little girl wants to use your belongings, too!

5. Little girls can be ultra feminine or can be the ultimate tomboy.

Raising strong daughters goes both ways. It can mean raising a little princess or a tough little tomboy! Most little girls are called princesses for a reason because they adore all things princess-y, from puffy gowns to shiny tiaras. However, there are some girls, too, who prefer rough-housing and doing boyish things. Both are totally normal girl behavior.

6. Little girls start deciding on what they want to wear early.

If there is one thing that can differentiate little girls from little boys, it’s the (sometimes stubborn) willfulness to determine what they want to wear. And it starts at a young age! Girls develop preferences for clothing early because of imitation, which is good because this helps promote self-awareness. So if they only want to wear their favorite unicorn pajamas, let them!

7. In fact, little girls often know what they want and would fight nail and tooth to have it.

It’s not just clothing. Little girls often develop preferences for anything at a young age. They are definitely more headstrong at this age and have a clear idea of what they like. It’s not unusual for little girls to want to keep their hair long or to prefer a certain type of doll over another. It’s not that they are being picky — they simply know what they want!

With their innate charm, wit, and cleverness, having a little girl around makes any home more colorful and much more exciting! We hope our list of things to know about girls will become a clear guide in helping you raise strong daughters… who know what they want and are not afraid to get them.

Featured image by DAVID ZHOU on Unsplash
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