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7 Truly Special and Endearing Newborn Baby Gifts

The arrival of your newborn baby is a truly momentous event. Ergo, celebrating a new life means looking for the perfect baby gift that is truly special, too! 

But looking for the perfect newborn baby gift can be a challenging task. A newborn baby does not want for anything – save for your warmth and affection – so the question you need to ask is this: what does your newborn baby need?

A Newborn Baby’s Needs

The first few days of a newborn baby’s life is a period of major changes and adjustments. So they will definitely benefit from essentials that will ease the transition between the womb and the world. This includes essentials that help with their nourishment, comfort, and well-being. 

A newborn baby also has developing senses that need to be stimulated. While your baby may be born with a keen sense of touch, smell, hearing, and taste, their sight is still blurry. To help develop their sense of sight, it is important to surround your baby with things that stimulate their vision.

Finally, a newborn baby needs to rest. Newborn babies spend a big chunk of their days sleeping – as long as 14-17 hours per day! This is because sleep is critical for their growth and development. Therefore, it is also your role to make sure that their environment is conducive for resting and sleeping.

With your newborn baby’s needs in mind, let’s take a look at these 7 choices for newborn baby gifts!

1.   Baby Bento Gift Set


Living Textiles offers varieties of Baby Bento Gift Sets which are perfect for newborn babies! Some of the Baby Bento Gift Sets include two muslin swaddle blankets and an adorable plush toy. Both the blankets and knitted plush toys are made of 100% premium cotton.

The muslin blankets take care of a newborn baby’s need to rest comfortably, while the plush toy addresses their need to play and be stimulated. With this said, the Baby Bento Gift Set is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. And they already come in gift boxes, too!

2.   Wearable Blanket


A newborn baby will also need a good wearable blanket, so get them one! While loose blankets are awesome and versatile baby essentials, a wee newborn baby may need something more secure. A wearable blanket is more secure and will not get undone during the night.

Living Textiles wearable blankets are made of 100% high-quality cotton, which makes them lightweight and breathable. They also come with 4 click-together buttons on each side. These give a secure fit without restricting your newborn baby’s movements as they sleep.

3.   Knitted Plush Toy

Having knitted plush toys for your newborn baby is a great way to keep them entertained and stimulated. They usually come with cute and expressive faces, which makes them a perfect companion. And because plush toys are soft and cuddly, your newborn baby can snuggle with them all day.

Living Textiles offers a good selection of knitted plush toys that are made of 100% premium cotton. You can choose from a family of huggable friends, which includes a mermaid, a unicorn, a lion, a fox, a dinosaur, and more. They also have a jingling rattle!


4.   Rattle 

Rattles are a popular baby gift, but for newborn babies, it is more ideal to choose a soft rattle over a plastic one. A plastic rattle can be hard and may hurt your baby if they accidentally drop it. On the contrary, a soft rattle is not as hurtful and can even be used for cuddling.

 Living Textiles has soft knitted rattles that are also made of 100% cotton. They come in adorable characters that are the perfect counterparts of Living Textiles plush toys. Using soft rattles will help stimulate your baby’s senses and will also help develop their gross motor skills.


5.   Hooded Towel 

For every newborn baby, bath time is an experience! Bath time is not just a time for cleaning but also a time for bonding and having fun. It is, therefore, a good idea to get your newborn baby bath time essentials that keep them feeling cozy and comfortable.

Living Textiles offers a range of ultra-soft hooded towels that are made of a variety of materials like muslin and jersey. These hooded towels are made of 100% cotton, so they feel incredibly soft and lush. They are also very absorbent and are packaged in a lovely gift box.



6.   Musical Mobile

A beautiful musical mobile is almost always the focal point of every newborn baby’s nursery. But aside from looking like an ornament, a musical mobile should be functional. It needs to be able to entertain your baby with playful elements and, at the same time, be able to sooth them when it’s time to sleep.

You can choose from a selection of beautiful musical mobiles by both Living Textiles or Lolli Living. These musical mobiles are made of sturdy plastic and soft cotton elements and come in different designs. They have soft detachable hanging toys for playtime, and for sleep time, they play soothing lullabies like Brahms’ Melody.

7.   Play Mat


Tummy time is very important for a newborn baby’s growth and development. Because they sleep (a lot) on their backs, when they are awake, it is crucial to put your baby on their stomachs. While you can do it on a bed, you can also give your baby tummy time on the floor where there is less risk of falling. 

If you opt for the latter, it is helpful to have a soft play mat. The Lolli Living play mat is made of cotton and comes in a highly contrasting pattern, which helps with the development of your newborn baby’s vision. It is also packable, so you can do some tummy time wherever you go!

The arrival of a new life is an occasion that should be met with joy and celebration! These 7 gifts for your newborn baby will definitely make the occasion even more special and memorable.


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