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7 Ways to Make Charming Gender-Neutral Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are not only a great baby shower gift but also a gorgeous party centerpiece!

Diaper cakes look adorable. They may look dainty and complex, but they are actually quite easy to build. You don’t have to buy ready-made diaper cakes because you can just make them yourself. All you need to do are diapers, some rubber brands, your preferred decorations and accessories, and then assemble them together. 

What are diaper cakes?

Simply put, diaper cakes are made of diapers arranged to resemble a tiered cake. A diaper cake is a quick solution to brighten up any baby shower – and any new parent’s day. Also, the new parents get the benefit of getting a substantial supply of diapers, which their newborn baby will use a lot of in the coming months.

You are not limited to using disposable diapers either. You are free to use cloth diapers instead of disposables. You can even add other baby essentials to it like washcloths, baby toiletries like shampoo and soap, toys, and even baby blankets. 

And with diaper cakes, you can make sure that aside from giving a gift that the family will surely use, you are also confident that your gift fits the theme of the baby shower.

But traditional baby boy and baby girl diaper cakes get old, not to mention they may clash against the family’s inclinations. Another thing to consider is that you may not want to be restricted to conventional blue or pink diaper cakes if the couple has not announced the baby’s gender yet.

There are a lot of gender-neutral diaper cakes that you can do yourself though. And these are nothing but boring! Here are some stylish ideas to follow for your upcoming baby shower.

7 Gender-Neutral Diaper Cake Ideas 

1.   Star

Stars are a great theme for baby showers! Aside from the fact that it is gender-neutral, it is also perfect for any personality. You can either go for an enchanting “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” diaper cake or an adorable plush toy diaper cake.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

2.   Greens and Succulents 

A green, leafy theme is pleasant and easy on the eyes. Using plants is also symbolic is it symbolizes the beginning of a new life. You can either use real plants and succulents or plastic ones.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

3.   Burlap 

A piece of burlap makes anything look instantly naturally artsy and creative. Elevate the look of an ordinary diaper cake by wrapping burlap around it. You may also use additional elements like ribbons, lace, and cutouts.   

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

4.   Hot Air Balloon 

Take the baby shower up the next level with a hot air balloon diaper cake. Use a box or a square basket, put the diapers inside, and attach to it a paper lantern using wooden skewers. Simple but delightful!

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

5.   Plush Toys 

Make your diaper cake even more cute and cuddly by adding plush toys. The plush toys are not only an additional decoration but also an additional gift to the baby. Choose cotton plush toys that are safe for newborn babies! 

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

6.   Books

Classic children’s books are an excellent theme for a baby shower. Have your choice of any children’s book and make it the main element of the diaper cake. To complete the look, add toys and decorations related to the book. ‘

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

7.   Elegant

Finally, for diaper cakes that fit into any theme, go for the elegant look. You can choose the color (white, grey, and black are unique colors that work), and then choose elements like cutouts, ribbons, even foliage.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest


From traditional to modern, whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, diaper cakes are a fail-proof gift idea. They are not only gorgeous but also truly useful. And with these gender-neutral diaper cake ideas, your gift will surely be a hit at any baby shower!

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