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8 Things You Should Know About Raising Boys

If there is one thing any mom of boys can agree about, it’s that raising boys is not for the faint-hearted. Truly, boys can be everything but predictable! Every day brings something new, which can be good — or bad — depending on how you look at it.

If you are having a boy, be prepared for a lifetime of adventure and excitement! While some would be happy to meet each day not knowing what would happen next, many of you would like to have perhaps an inkling of what to expect. If you are one of the latter, this is for you!

Here are the things that you should know about bringing up boys.

1. Little boys can be the sweetest.

There are only a few things in this world that are sweeter than the affection a little boy has for his momma. Little boys adore their moms (sorry, dads!) and will often say that their mom is the most beautiful woman on earth. So if your little boy is getting clingy, don’t worry. They’re not being too dependent… they just could not get enough of you!

2. Little boys can be talkative, too!

Little girls get the reputation of being too chatty and talkative, but the truth is that little boys can get quite talky, too! However, it may depend on the topic. Some boys find it hard to stop talking when it comes to things that interest them like cars, dinosaurs, and video games but won’t make a peep when asked about their day.

3. Little boys are competitive.

When you are bringing up boys in your household, expect to see a lot of competition! Boys (no matter what age) are naturally competitive and would want to be the first in everything — even when there’s no prize in sight. So if you want your boys to clean up after themselves, the solution is simple: make a competition out of it!

4. Little boys move a lot. Like, a lot.

Don’t be surprised if your little boy can’t seem to stop moving. Chances are your boy is not hyperactive but is just being a typical boy! Boys love physical activity, so encourage them to go outside, play games, and burn their energy. Experts also say that physical play helps promote physical, mental, and emotional development, so don’t keep them from running!

5. Little boys are loud.

Raising a son might as well mean saying goodbye to a peaceful and quiet home. And no, that does not mean your son has behavioral issues! Boys are naturally loud, especially when they are in the middle of physical play, so you can expect to see mess everywhere. Again, refer to number 3 if you want a tidy house in the evening. 

6. Little boys also love dressing up.

If you thought only little girls enjoy dressing up, then you will be in for a surprise. Little boys also love dressing up, sometimes using dad’s clothes and sometimes using mom’s. Don’t chastise them for wearing women’s clothes and accessories because chances are your little boy thinks it’s hilarious and wants to see you laugh!

7. Little boys are fearless!

Remember when we told you about raising a son as not something for the faint-hearted? Well, what you might have heard about little boys is true: they’re little daredevils! They are simply fearless and would try anything. Don’t keep them from play-fighting and doing stunts because they need to release their pent-up energy. But don’t forget to keep a first aid kit at home either! 

8. Little boys are sensitive, too.

Finally, what you might not know about little boys is that they are sensitive — perhaps even more sensitive than little girls. Boys are fragile and cry all the time because they can get easily stressed. Build your boy’s sensitive side by validating their emotions. Let them cry even when society expects them to be tough, because you are their safe place.

Every child is special, and both little girls and little boys need a special kind of attention. When you are raising boys, you need to be fearless and tough, but at the same time, you can expect to be showered with kisses, hugs, and so much saccharine sweetness!

Photo by Sides Imagery from Pexels
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