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How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag for Your Lifestyle

For the next few years of your life, your diaper bag will be your best friend. Because you are bound to take it with you wherever you go, you need to know how to choose the best diaper bag that will suit your preferences and your lifestyle.

A diaper bag is definitely one of the most important baby essentials that you should not forego buying. It will contain everything your baby will possibly need when you go out, so it is very crucial to choose one that fits a lot of things without much effort on your part.

The appearance of your diaper bag depends on your taste, but take note that there are a lot of stylish diaper bags that don’t look anything like the diaper bags of the past. Don’t like toting a babyish bag with pink and blue appliques? You absolutely don’t have to!

Diaper bags come in many forms. There are gender neutral diaper bags in classic colors like black and white. You can also choose among backpack diaper bags, messenger-style bags, shoulder bags, and more. Your choice will greatly depend on your lifestyle! What’s important is that it should have the right features that you should look for.

8 Features of the Best Diaper Bag

1. Space

Best Diaper Bag

First of all, you need to consider how spacious a diaper bag is. Initially, you may want to choose a smaller diaper bag for mobility, but if it has no space for your baby essentials, then it is not practical. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to bring a lot of things, like diapers, baby bottles, extra clothing, a blanket, and more. But don’t worry; there are many options with ample space inside that is lightweight and not bulky at all and still make for stylish diaper bags!

2. Stable Base

Even if it is spacious inside, it’s hard to love a diaper bag that is flimsy and unstable. If you have a newborn baby that you still have to carry, then it is necessary to get a diaper bag with a stable base. Remember that with a baby in one hand ー a squirming little baby in particular ー will require you to get baby essentials with the other hand, so look for a bag that stands on its own.

3. Pockets and Compartments

Best Diaper Bag

Because you will be bringing with you a lot of baby essentials and baby gear, it is important to get a diaper bag that will help you keep all your stuff organized. The best diaper bag will have several pockets and compartments ー everything in its own place! You will need at least one insulated pocket for your baby bottle, a compartment you can use for diapers, another one for wipes, an external easy-access pocket for your baby’s pacifier, and one for your personal belongings. 

4. Strong, Padded Straps

You’ll be toting your diaper bag all day long, which means that it should have sturdy straps that won’t break. Try the straps by pulling on the bag and testing it with something heavy. It is also important to choose adjustable straps to keep them from slipping off your arm. Finally, the best diaper bag comes with padded straps for your comfort!

5. Easy-Clean, Waterproof Material

Your diaper bag will inevitably come across many stains, from milk spills to spit-ups, from pee to poop blowouts! Thus, it is crucial to choose a diaper bag made of waterproof material so you can easily clean it on the go. A machine-washable waterproof diaper bag is perfect! Also, for practical reasons, dark colors will hide stains more easily than light or bright colors. 

6. Stroller Clips

If you use a stroller regularly, then it makes a lot of sense to buy a diaper bag that comes with stroller clips. Stroller clips will attach your diaper bag to your stroller. Choose ones with sturdy clamps and straps that won’t break so you don’t have to worry about your bag falling. Stroller clips will also free your arms for more mobility and convenience.

7. Changing Pad

You probably have a changing pad listed in your checklist of baby essentials. However, it will certainly help to get a diaper bag that comes with its own changing pad as it most likely has its own compartment. This means it will stay in the bag, which comes in handy if you forget to bring your main changing pad. You can count on it in times of emergency.

8. Gender Neutral Color and Design

Best Diaper Bag

Long gone are the days when the mommy is the only one wearing the diaper bag. These days, dads and secondary caretakers typically carry diaper bags, too. To avoid having to buy two or more bags, and to save time transferring baby essentials from one bag to another, why don’t you consider gender neutral diaper bags? These look very stylish and modern, and it will be no surprise if you continue using them even after your baby has grown up!

Diaper bags come in many colors and many forms, but what’s important when buying a diaper bag is its features. The best diaper bag will be stylish, durable, and convenient to use!

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