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It’s All About Cotton Jersey for Baby in The Living Textiles Twinkle Series

We take pleasure in innovation and coming up with new products and new designs. More than that, we are always excited to introduce new technologies that help us improve the quality of every Living Textiles item.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest Living Textiles collection: the Twinkle Series. Sourced from natural materials of the finest quality, this collection is made of the softest cotton jersey. Staying true to its name, the items in the Twinkle Series are both modern and timeless with a hint of shine.

Every product in the Twinkle Series are created with your baby’s comfort and well-being in mind. They are designed to help your baby sleep even more cozily and snugly in their bed. And in your arms, these products help your baby feel more safe and secure, creating a tighter bond between the two of you.

The Living Textiles Twinkle Series

This delightful new collection from Living Textiles is set to capture your heart and ignite your baby’s growing imagination. Colored with a palette of tasteful pinks and greys, the Twinkle Series is set to be a perfect fit for your baby’s nursery.  

But the Twinkle Series products are not just timeless; they are quite stylish, too. Some of the products in the series are dotted with metallic stars and hearts, making them even more charming to look at.

The Virtues of Cotton Jersey

In the Twinkle Series, we explore the merits of using cotton jersey as the primary material for our baby and lifestyle products.

With cotton jersey, you get the goodness of both our premium cotton textile and our excellent jersey knitting. Our high quality cotton gives the Twinkle Series products our signature ultra-softness and breathability. On the other hand, the jersey knit gives them a characteristic elasticity and drapability.

The cotton jersey products in the Twinkle Series have a certain stretchiness to them. When loose, like our sheets and blankets, the products fall gracefully. And when worn, as in the case of our hooded towels and swaddles, they drape and cling to your baby’s body in all the right places, creating a snugger and more secure fit.

The Twinkle Series products are highly durable, too. Even if they stretch, they easily return to their original shape without getting deformed. They also last long because they are resistant to tearing and wrinkling.

Let’s talk about the products in the Twinkle Series.

The Collection

The Twinkle Series is full of baby essentials and must-haves that you can tick off your shopping list. From a set of crib fitted sheets to the coziest swaddles, you will find most of what you need in this collection.

1.   Jersey Crib Fitted Sheet

Crib fitted sheets are probably on top of your baby checklist right now. Your baby will be spending a lot of time sleeping, so their sheets must be ultra-soft and generally feel good against the skin. Our set of cotton jersey crib fitted sheets will definitely fit your standard!

Because they are made of high quality cotton jersey, they are quite elastic and drape over your crib mattress well. This ensures a snug fit with no bunching or tugging. Also, these crib fitted sheets are highly durable and are resistant to both wrinkling and tearing.

This set contains two jersey crib fitted sheets in two different designs. One is a modern grey marl design that suits any kind of nursery perfectly, while the other comes in classic grey heathered stripes.

2.   Jersey Baby Blankets with Sherpa

Your baby deserves the best baby blanket! Our jersey baby blankets are made of the softest jersey cotton. Both lightweight and cool to the touch, they are ideal even for the warmer months. The jersey knit also gives them a stretchy quality, resulting to a blanket that drapes over your baby’s body really comfortably.

On the other side of our blankets is a plush sherpa lining, which is perfect for chilly afternoons of cuddling. Resistant to wrinkling and tearing, our blankets last for a long time.

The blankets come in two designs. The Pink Metallic Hearts jersey blanket has a delightful shade of pink and charming gold metallic hearts. On the other hand, the Grey Metallic Stars jersey blanket comes in classic grey with gorgeous silver metallic stars.

3.   Jersey Baby Comforters

Our new jersey baby comforters feel like a warm embrace! Made even softer with high-quality cotton jersey, they feel luxurious and will help your baby enjoy a more restful sleep. It has a characteristic stretchiness and elasticity and drapes over your baby’s body like butter. It’s hard to look for a baby comforter that is more comfortable than ours!

These comforters are also highly durable. They are tear and wrinkle resistant, and they are machine washable.

The Twinkle Series comforters come in three designs. The Metallic Hearts + Solid Pink baby comforter has a lovely pink background and a sprinkling of pink metallic hearts. Then, the Metallic Stars + Grey Heathered Stripes baby comforter has grey heathered stripes and a dash of silver metallic stars. Finally, the Grey Marl + Grey Heathered Stripes baby comforter comes in a classic combination of solid grey and grey stripes.

4.   Jersey Hooded Towels

Give your baby the best bath time experience with soft and fluffy jersey hooded towels! A good hooded towel must be soft, absorbent, and durable. Because ours are made of high quality cotton jersey, we are confident that our hooded baby towels deliver.

Made of premium cotton jersey, the Twinkle Series hooded towels are not only ultra-soft but also stretchy. Because of this, they drape over your baby’s body snugly and comfortably, effectively keeping them dry and warm after bath time. They are also very durable and can withstand regular washing.

For this collection, the hooded towels come in two designs. The Pink Gold Hearts hooded towel is white with a pale pink hood with metallic gold hearts. The other design is the Grey Marl Silver Stars, which is white with a grey hood and silver stars.

5.   Jersey Swaddles

The perfect baby swaddle is a swaddle that is not only gorgeous but also made of premium material to guarantee a proper fit. We use high quality cotton jersey for our swaddles, making them ultra-soft and cozy. The jersey knit gives them a stretchy quality, so that they contour to your baby’s body comfortably. These qualities will help you swaddle your baby more securely.

Because they are also highly durable, they return to their original form even after being stretched. They are also resistant to tearing and wrinkling.

There are three variants available for the Twinkle Series jersey swaddles. First is Grey Metallic Stars, which has a classic grey hue and is dotted with silver metallic stars. Next is Pink Metallic Hearts which is pink in color and has pink metallic hearts. Finally, we also have a two-pack swaddles. It has two jersey swaddles: one with a classic grey marl design and another one with grey heathered stripes.

Are you ready to shop the Twinkle Series? Click here!

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