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Living Textiles Baby Bento Gift Set: The Ultimate Baby Gift Idea

Everyone gets excited at the thought of a new baby’s arrival. Who wouldn’t? Babies are absolutely adorable, and we would do anything just to see those lovely toothless smiles. This often means being on the lookout for the best baby gift ideas.

The hunt for the best baby gift is like a competition! Toys, books, and clothes are all awesome gifts to give, but the baby can outgrow them sooner or later. Nursery gear like lamps and mats can be pretty and useful, but let’s be honest here: they are more for the parents than for the baby.

So what gift do you give to a baby that is exciting, useful, and long-lasting? Our answer: Living Textiles Baby Bento Gift Sets! Whether it’s for your own baby, a relative, or a friend’s, this gift will surely be a hit!

Baby Bento Gift Set

In Japan, a bento means a packed lunch. By packed, we mean filled to the brim – from appetizers and the main course down to the healthy dessert. And it is not only complete but also charming. Modern bento boxes are arranged in a way that is pleasant to the eyes. Some parents even make bento lunches with cute characters and designs that make eating more fun.

Basically, bento is a form of art. We decided to apply this philosophy to our baby products. We do not want our baby gift box to be plain and unappealing. Conversely, we also do not want a baby gift box that is all looks but devoid of substance.

Instead, we want our gift box to feature useful products – products that you can use every single day for years to come. And we want to showcase them in a way that will delight you and your baby.

This is how we came up with the perfect baby gift.

Our Living Textiles Baby Bento Gift Set

The sets include either muslin swaddle blankets or knitted blankets. Since they are meticulously handcrafted and made of premium material, they are durable and will last you a long time. Most of them also come with knitted plush toys. No baby would be able to resist their charm!

1. Baby Bento Gift Set: 2 Muslin Swaddle Blankets + Mini Knitted Toy

Baby Bento Gift SetsBaby Bento Gift Sets

Our Baby Bento Gift Sets offer a thoughtful mix of baby essentials and baby toys. For this particular gift set, you will get two muslin swaddle blankets and a mini knitted toy.

These muslin swaddle blankets are made of 100% high quality cotton. They are lightweight and breathable and suitable for any type of weather. Because cotton is safe for babies, you don’t have to worry about it irritating baby’s delicate skin, too.

This gift box features some of our well-loved knitted toys – Austin Lion, Kenzie Unicorn, Ms. Rory Puppy, and Theodore Elephant – in their equally adorable mini versions. These are also made of premium cotton.

2.   Baby Bento Gift Set: Knitted Blanket + Knitted Teddy Bear

With its adorable packaging, this Baby Bento Gift Set is hard to resist. It includes a cozy knitted blanket and a grey knitted bear.

You will probably have a hard time looking for a knitted blanket that is softer than this one. Made of 100% pure cotton, it is already ultra-soft right out of the box. And it doesn’t end there. It actually softens with every wash, making it even more snuggly and comfortable for baby.

Teddy bears are a classic, and we do think that every child needs a brave and loyal teddy bear. This is why we included a grey knitted bear in this gift set. Also made of cotton, this bear is cuddly and perfect for warm hugs. It’s also perfect for imaginative play!

3.   Baby Bento Gift Set: 3-Ply Muslin Blanket + Mini Knitted Toy

Baby Bento Gift Sets

This Baby Bento Gift Set is just as irresistible and complete as the other sets. Also featuring a mini knitted plush toy, it offers three-ply muslin blanket.

Our 3-ply muslin blanket is not only comfortable but also elegant. It comes in a timeless design that would fit into the décor of your baby nursery really well. It is also made of 100% cotton muslin that softens with every wash, which means it is lightweight and soft as clouds.

The Baby Bento Gift Set features the mini versions of the delightful Kenzie Unicorn and the roar-some Austin Lion.  Both of these toys are made of cotton.

4.   Baby Bento Gift Set: 4 Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Finally, if you are looking for more swaddle blankets, we also have an option for you! This Baby Bento Gift Set contains four muslin swaddle blankets lovingly packaged in a beautiful box.

Our cotton muslin swaddle blankets are truly versatile. They are lightweight, which means you can use them in warm summer months. But, at the same time, they are cozy and are perfect for cooler weather.

The blanket has a lot of uses. You can use your cotton muslin blanket as a swaddle and also as a receiving blanket for your newborn baby. You can also use it as a stroller cover, a bath towel, and even as a play mat.

This Baby Bento Gift Set comes in two colors: grey and pink. Each of the color options contains blankets in four different but complementary designs.

All of our items featured in these gift sets come in gorgeous designs that will stand the test of time. They are ultra-soft and gentle enough for baby’s sensitive skin. And because they are made of 100% high quality cotton, you can expect these products to last a long time. These reasons definitely make our Baby Bento Gift Sets a worthy investment and the best baby gift.

Are you ready to buy your perfect baby gift? Head on to this link to look at all of our Baby Bento Gift Sets. To purchase a Living Textiles gift card, click here!


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