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Nesting Checklist: 10 Things to Do When You’re Nesting

It’s your third trimester and you are having the irresistible urge to organize and clean up! If this feeling is strange to you, don’t worry, you’re only nesting! Nesting refers to the instinct many pregnant moms have to make sure everything is in order in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

When nesting in pregnancy, you are going to have bursts of energy — which departs from the usual feelings of heaviness and tiredness  — so take full advantage of this period! Rather than going back and forth inside your home, deciding what to do next, refer to our nesting checklist to know how to maximize the nesting period.

1. Do a general cleaning of the entire home.

One thing that you can expect to happen after you give birth is never having the time to clean the house. We’re just being real here! So take advantage of the free time — and the free hands — that you have right now and start cleaning. 

For tricky places, like hard to reach closets, under the furniture, and the bathroom, it’s best to delegate the task to another person like your husband or a helpful relative or friend. Don’t risk it! You might be feeling energetic but don’t forget that you are still pregnant. 

2. Hire a company who deep cleans carpets, rugs, and mattresses.

To prepare your home for the arrival of your new baby, it needs to be 100% clean. While you can be meticulous about cleaning what you can see, it is possible that you might be cleaning only the surface level. To remove allergens and other unwanted microorganisms that can be harmful to your baby, get the services of a deep-cleaning company. 

3. Organize closets and clear out space for the new baby’s stuff.

Your newborn baby only has a few needs and there are a lot of items marketed as baby essentials but are actually unnecessary. However, as your baby grows, you will need more storage space to keep their belongings, deeming their own dedicated storage crucial. This means organizing closets and preparing empty spaces for their stuff. 

Because clearing out space means decluttering and having to take out things that you are no longer using, don’t wait until your baby has already arrived before you do this task!

4. Wash all your baby’s essentials.

Whether they are brand new, given, or bought secondhand, all your baby’s essentials need to be given a thorough washing. These include clothing, baby blankets, swaddles, hooded towels, even play mats. Don’t forget to use a baby-friendly detergent to avoid irritating your newborn baby’s delicate skin!

5. Set up the baby nursery and the crib.

Now comes the fun part! When the room dedicated for your baby’s nursery is finally 100% clean, you can start setting it up. Begin with your baby’s crib, which should be placed in an area away from the window and tall furniture like bookshelves. Carefully assemble the crib following the instruction manual to keep it as safe as possible.

You can refer to this article for a complete rundown of how to set up your baby’s nursery.

6. Stock up on diapers and wet wipes.

The next thing you need to take care of while your baby has not yet arrived is their supply of diapers, wet wipes, and other baby essentials. Newborn babies might be tiny but they are going to go through so much of these supplies! Rather than risk finding yourself out of diapers during a midnight “explosion,” it is a lot better to have the supplies ready beforehand. 

7. Restock your pantry. 

You are going to be so busy during your baby’s newborn stage that you might not find any time to stock up on pantry essentials! While you’re nesting, go through your pantry and throw away all expired items to make way for convenience foods like trail mix, canned beans, whole-grain crackers and other healthier alternatives. 

8. Make meals that are good to be frozen.

And while you’re evaluating your pantry and kitchen situation, it is a good idea to do some meal prepping. Stock up on meals that are good for freezing and reheating. You are going to have your hands full when your baby arrives, and instead of relying on food delivery, you can just reheat the food that you had frozen. Your future self will definitely thank you! 

9. Prepare your and your baby’s essentials.

The nesting stage is also a great time to do some shopping! Again, you don’t need a lot of baby clothes, blankets, and towels. You only need a few, high-quality ones. But don’t forget to buy baby essentials like baby soap, baby shampoo, toiletries, and hygiene items like a nasal syringe and baby-friendly nail-clippers.

If you choose to breastfeed, this is also a good time to shop for breast pumps and accessories. If you bottle-feed, it’s time to buy baby bottles and nipples. You can also use this time to look around for the best formula milk. 

Also, don’t forget about your own essentials! Bleeding is expected after giving birth, so remember to buy maternity pads and ice packs to soothe pain. It’s also wise to buy ahead of time the things you need for your skin care routine, your makeup, and other toiletries. 

10. Pack your hospital bag.

Finally, don’t wait until you have gone into labor before packing your hospital bag! Your hospital bag or maternity bag is best prepared when you are calm and your mind is clear — as opposed to panicking and in pain. You can refer to this article for a comprehensive list of what to pack inside your hospital bag. 

Nesting in pregnancy is something that you need to take advantage of to prepare for the arrival of your baby! With our nesting checklist, you will have a better idea of what you need to do to make the most out of this time. 

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