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This Summer, The Spotlight is on Lolli Living’s Whimsical New Collections

 With Lolli Living, you can always relive the free spirit and energy of your own childhood. We take you there through baby products that are modern, eclectic, inspired.

This summer, Lolli Living is proud to announce the launch of two new collections. Mazie features birds and blossoms, reminding you of an idyllic day in the countryside. On the other hand, Safari will take you on a fantastic adventure to the fauna-filled savanna.

These new additions to Lolli Living’s brand lineup will beguile you and your little one. Welcome to the world of wonderful whimsy!

Lolli Living

Lolli Living is a brand under the reputable company, Living Textiles Co. With over 50 years of experience in the textile industry, Living Textiles offers creative designs that are one of a kind. Our company also prides on a preference for premium quality and fine workmanship.

The trademark of a Lolli Living collection is a fun blend of colors, patterns, and textures. These elements work together to create harmonious designs that capture the heart. It is one of our dreams to make products that evoke positive sentiments. And we are certain that Mazie and Safari are about to do the same to you. When we say “Lolli-fied,” it can only mean one thing: exceptional!


Who says you can only experience the beauty of spring once a year? With the Mazie collection, you can recreate the bliss of waking up to a lovely spring morning. Imagine a day surrounded by blooming flowers and chirping birds. Can this collection get any more sublime?


We made the Lolli Living Mazie collection with the modern parent in mind. She is someone who enjoys a quiet day but looks forward to the occasional bursts of child-like energy. It features blooms and fluffy birds that will charm you and pique your baby’s imagination. Pulling the look together is a tasteful color palette of dusty pink, pastel grey, and serene blue.

1. Crib Fitted Sheet

Under the Mazie collection are crib fitted sheets of two prints: Mazie and Pink Vines. The classic Mazie print features blooms in pink, white, and blue. Breaking the monotony are adorable birds between the foliage. If you prefer a more feminine design, then Pink Vines is perfect. It has faint white vines over a pink backdrop, which is subtle and delicate.

Whether it is Mazie or Pink Vines, we only use 100% cotton for our crib fitted sheets. They are ultra-soft and breathable – the perfect choice for your baby’s delicate skin. These are also fully elasticized, come with extra deep corners. They fit all standard-size crib mattresses, too!

2. Four-Piece Crib Bedding Set

This collection’s four-piece crib bedding set comes in one design, which is Mazie. With two fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt, you can use this set as the foundation of your floral-themed nursery. This can also be the focal point of your room’s romantic aesthetic.

All the pieces in this set are made of premium quality cotton. They all match perfectly with the rest of our Mazie collection. But you can also mix and match them with items from our other collections for a more personalized look and feel.

3. Baby Blanket

The Mazie collection's trademark is daintiness, and this baby blanket is nothing but dainty. It comes in the Mazie print and is an absolute must-have because it is lightweight and breathable. This makes it ideal for your baby to use all throughout the year.

Our topmost priority is your baby’s well-being. With this in mind, this blanket, as with our other items at Living Textiles, is made of pure cotton. It is incredibly soft, and it softens even more with every wash. With a full print on one side and a plush lining on the other, it doesn’t hurt that it looks stylish, too.

4. Musical Mobile

Another fantastic addition to your beautiful nursery is the Mazie musical mobile. Four sweet-looking birds dangle from its sturdy plastic frame. And just below them are blue plush flowers. These lovable characters are knitted and made of 100% cotton, which will definitely get your little one feeling giddy and ready to play!

But don’t forget that this musical mobile will, at the right moment, get her ready for a nap as well. Its wind-up music box plays a classical Brahm’s melody, which will lull your baby into a dream-filled sleep.

5. Knitted Plush Toy

This Lolli Living collection also comes with an impossibly cute knitted plush toy. This knitted toy is reminiscent of the illustrations seen in the Mazie print. Your baby will surely love this soft stuffed bird. It will be her perfect companion for hours of cuddling and imaginative play.

Mazie is not like any ordinary plush toy. It is made of the safest material possible for newborn babies, which is premium cotton. You don’t have to worry about your baby ingesting harmful chemicals, even if she puts the plush toy in her mouth.


If Mazie is subtle and refined, Safari is playful and lively! Safari is the perfect product line for everyone who loves exciting and adventurous excursions. This collection will take you and your fun-loving child on a trip to the African savanna. With the four majestic stars of the grassland, what a learning-filled trip it will be!

The Lolli Living Safari collection is all about animated animal prints. They kindle a baby’s thirst to know more about these savanna icons and the world. The collection also features a charming mix of chevrons and animal prints. They share the spotlight with cool shades of blue, orange, and grey.

1. Crib Fitted Sheet

The crib fitted sheets in this collection come in two designs: Safari and Animal Crackers. The Safari print represents the collection’s fondness for all things quirky. It features illustrations of fauna found in Africa’s vast grassland. An occasional pop of bright orange and blue complete the look.

Animal Crackers, on the other hand, is a fine choice if you are aiming for a minimalistic look for your baby’s nursery. It is a wacky chevron print on a grey background that is nothing but boring. Get ready to look for hidden animals within the pattern!

2. Four-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Is your animal-themed nursery complete without this four-piece crib bedding set? If you haven't fixed your nursery yet, this set is a good starting point. The set comes with two fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt, all working together to create the perfect mini safari.

Staying true to the collection’s direction, this bedding set features wild beasts in vibrant prints and colors. The pieces in this set are all made of 100% cotton, nothing less. Again, you can get everything from the Safari collection and get a flawless look. But for a personalized feel, you can also mix and match them with items from other collections.

3. Baby Blanket

Made for the budding animal lover, the Safari collection’s baby blanket is the perfect baby gift. It is not only cute as a button but also truly useful. You can use this animal-print blanket for your newborn as a receiving blanket. Then when your little baby has grown a bit, she can use it as a play mat for tummy time. You can also use it as a stroller cover, a swaddle, and more!

Because it is made of high quality cotton, this blanket is unbelievably lightweight and breathable. Believe us, your baby can use it all throughout the year. It also features bold designs on one side and a soft plush lining on the other. We see to it that your baby will be riding in style!

4. Musical Mobile

Can we say that the Safari collection’s musical mobile is the cutest baby accessory there is? It has a cotton-covered plastic frame, sturdy and durable. And hanging from it are the four most well-known stars of the safari: the zebra, the giraffe, the elephant, and the lion. All of them are made of premium cotton and are simply endearing.

This musical mobile will entice your little one to discover the wonders of wildlife. But apart from that, this musical mobile is also a great soother. Its wind-up music box plays a delicate Brahm’s lullaby that will lull her to a peaceful sleep. Upon waking up, she will be ready for another day of breathtaking adventures!

5. Knitted Plush Toy

The Lolli Living Safari collection will take your baby on a trip to the African savanna. For her travel companion, the collection also features a lovable plush giraffe. This toy is made with delicate knitting, intricate details, and an ultra-soft body. We think it is the perfect adventure buddy!

Made of 100% high quality cotton, this knitted plush giraffe is great for babies of all ages. With this, you can watch your baby play without worrying about toxic chemicals. She is free to explore the world with this toy, whether through cuddles or with her mouth.

The Lolli Living Mazie and Safari collections are full of items that your baby will love and adore throughout her childhood. For parents, these products evoke feelings of nostalgia. But for the little ones, these bring a promise of exciting days ahead.

We make every new item in the same tradition as all Living Textiles and Lolli Living products, with the vision that every child deserves to have the best start in life. ☺

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