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What is Muslin Jacquard and Why is it Best for Babies?

If there is one thing we are certain about, it’s that we know textiles and we know what to do with them. After all, Living Textiles Co was born because of our passion for different textiles and fabrics. Driven by this passion, we strive to create beautiful and high-quality products for you and your family.

But our job does not end there. To be frank, it is easy to follow and do what everyone else in the industry is already doing. However, we know that we can always improve on what we already have and come up with something new, something better. We take pride in our desire to innovate.    

This aspiration is the reason why, for decades, we continue to develop materials and techniques to produce top quality products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Muslin Jacquard

One of our favorite materials the muslin jacquard. It holds a special place in our hearts. In fact, because it is our choice material for many of our baby blankets, wearable blankets, and even hooded towels, you can say that we are quite proud of it.

But what is muslin jacquard and what makes our muslin jacquard products so special?

100% Cotton Muslin

It’s hard not to praise the good qualities of cotton. For starters, cotton feels soft and smooth, and it gets even softer with every wash. Then it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic; it is gentle even for newborn baby’s skin. Aside from these things, cotton is also durable, can withstand regular use, and last a long time.

This is the reason why most of our products are made of 100% cotton muslin. Being in the textile industry since 1963, we can say with confidence that muslin is the best fabric for babies. Because it is made of pure cotton, it is breathable and prevents a baby from overheating. It’s also ultra-soft and smooth, perfect for precious little ones.

But what role does jacquard play in our baby products? Why did we choose this technique to make the perfect baby blankets, baby swaddles, and more?

Jacquard Technique

Simply put, jacquard is a weaving technique created through a jacquard loom. This loom weaves a pattern onto the fabric. So instead of a design being printed on the fabric’s surface, the design is woven, producing a well-textured product. This reduces the need for printing chemicals so that the resulting material remain safe for babies.

Weaving a design using the jacquard technique also prevents your baby blanket or baby towel from deteriorating. Prints fade over time and can be removed when washed, but this is not possible if the designs are actually woven into the textile.

Lastly, the jacquard technique weaves the patterns together with the fabric. This is as opposed to printing, where the design is applied after the fabric has been woven. The designs are created by interlacing hundreds of threads, resulting to a product that is strong and durable.


Why Muslin Jacquard is Best for Babies

Muslin on its own is already a great fabric for baby products. But for Living Textiles, we aim to create products that combine products, the pureness of muslin and the value of jacquard weaving.

We have come to discover that using the jacquard technique with the 100% cotton muslin gives better results. Here are 5 reasons why our muslin jacquard products are the best for babies.

1. Muslin jacquard products are thicker and softer.

Our muslin jacquard items are double layer to accommodate the complexity of the jacquard weave. Because of this, our baby products become thicker and even softer. They make for cozier and warmer baby blankets, baby swaddles, and more.

But muslin is lightweight and breathable, so even if two layers of muslin are used, the resulting product is not hot or heavy. Even with two layers of fabric, muslin jacquard products are still ideal to use throughout the year.

2. Muslin jacquard is strong and durable.

Another advantage of using the jacquard technique with muslin fabric is being able to create a product that is stronger and more durable. Because the jacquard technique interweaves hundreds of threads, the result is a tightly woven product that does not easily disintegrate.

While cotton is already a robust fabric, the jacquard weave makes it even stronger. This is the reason why we are confident in the quality and durability of our product. Our muslin jacquard products are resilient and are able to last for years.

3. A jacquard weave gives muslin wrinkle resistance.

Natural fibers are not as wrinkle-resistant as their artificial counterparts. This means that cotton muslin can wrinkle easily. As we all know, ironing should be the least of our worries, right? Ironing should be optional and only reserved for days when we feel like doing it.

But moms everywhere, rejoice! Here’s the solution to the common cotton woe. Giving cotton muslin a jacquard weave actually gives it a wrinkle-resistant quality. Cotton muslin jacquards making life easier for moms… who would have thought.

4. Muslin jacquard stimulates your baby’s tactile senses.

Toys are not the only things that can give babies the stimulation that they need early in life. The things that they come in contact multiple times a day – sheets, blankets, towels – play a vital role! Your baby learns a lot by using her tactile sense, so maximize this by surrounding her with items that she will love to touch and feel.

Muslin is ultra-soft and pleasant to touch, which means that your baby will take delight in how cozy and warm it feels. On the other hand, the jacquard weave adds intricate details to the fabric. Your baby will love exploring this interesting texture!

5. Muslin jacquard products are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Elaborate designs are often a trademark of muslin products that sport jacquard weaving. Because of the level of intricacy that goes into this technique, the result is a product that looks beautiful and sophisticated.

There is something about woven jacquard designs that make our sheets and blankets look charming. The good news is that the designs are permanently interwoven with the textile and will not fade. This means that your muslin jacquard product will look as gorgeous as it looked the day you bought it.

Are you ready to go shopping for muslin jacquard blankets, muslin jacquard wearable blankets, and muslin jacquard hooded towels? Click here!

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