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When You Get 100% Cotton, You'll Get a 100% Happy Baby

Take a look at any department store aisle today and you will see that there are now, more than ever, so many choices for baby products. How do you know which one is best for your baby?


We think the answer is quite simple: we need to go back to basics. 

There is no shortage of baby clothing, baby blankets, toys, and nursery décor out there. It can actually be quite overwhelming! Which design looks best? Which color works best for the nursery? But while these features are important, these are not as critical as this one aspect: the material. What is this product made of? Is it comfortable? Is it safe? Is the fabric gentle enough for my baby’s delicate skin? 

We believe your baby deserves nothing but the best, and what’s best is 100% high quality cotton. Anything less wouldn’t do! If you’re not convinced, here are 6 reasons why cotton is best for babies and children. 

muslin blankets

1. When you choose 100% cotton, you choose comfort and breathability. 

Probably one of the most popular reasons why parents choose cotton over any other fabric is its breathability. It doesn’t trap heat unlike products made with synthetic material, which includes nylon and microfleece. This means that when your baby wears something made with said material, they will feel stuffy and sweaty. Fortunately, cotton allows plenty of airflow so babies and children can wear cotton in warm weather and still feel cool and comfortable. 

2. 100% cotton offers an unmatched natural softness and smoothness.

Anyone who is familiar with 100% high quality cotton will agree that it is ultra-soft. As we always say, to judge the quality of the cotton, you must feel it. Good quality cotton will undoubtedly feel soft and smooth! On the contrary, poor quality fabrics will feel rough and scratchy. These will make your baby feel itchy and irritable. 

3. Aside from that, cotton absorbs better than any synthetic fiber. 

muslin blankets

Cotton’s absorbency is another reason why many experts consider it the best choice of fabric for babies and children. Because it readily absorbs water, it wicks away moisture and sweat from your baby’s skin, allowing them to remain feeling fresh and dry.   

4. Another great thing about cotton is that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. 

Your newborn baby is very fragile. For this reason, the best products for babies are the ones that are made with 100% cotton as they will not rub harshly against your baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton is natural, which means it will not cause irritations and rashes. Some children will even develop eczema and other skin problems when they come in contact with synthetic fiber – something you don’t need to worry about when you choose cotton.

5. 100% cotton is one of the most durable fabrics around.

muslin blankets

Practically speaking, cotton will definitely give you your money’s worth. High quality cotton textile is built to last. They can endure regular handling, washing and drying. The fabric can even withstand extreme temperatures. As if these perks are not enough, cotton is also a lot easier to clean than other materials. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t retain odor, removing dirt from cotton is a breeze. You will only need warm water and mild detergent soap! 

6Finally, 100% cotton means your baby is 100% happy, healthy, and safe. 

Because cotton is a natural fiber, it does not come with unnecessary chemicals and treatments. Synthetic fiber, on the other hand, has a reputation of causing allergies because of the harmful chemicals that they may contain. In some cases, exposure to these toxic chemicals may even lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. 

If we are conscious about choosing soaps, shampoos, and lotions that are free from toxins, then it makes sense that we should also be aware of what our children touch and hold on a daily basis. If the consequence of being mindful about choosing the best products is having healthy and happy kids, then it’s surely a worthy investment.  

At the end of the day, it’s not the frills or the extras that make the perfect baby product; it’s the material of choice. But don’t worry; good quality doesn’t mean dull and boring! Living Textiles offers baby products that are made with 100% cotton and come in timeless designs and charming colors. We have muslin jacquard blankets, cotton muslin wearable blankets, muslin swaddle blanket sets, fitted sheets, and the most adorable knitted toys. To see the rest of our Signature Collection, click here!

muslin swaddle blanketmuslin blanketsswaddle blanketsswaddle blankets


In the long run, simply paying attention to the products your child uses will have lasting effects that will benefit your entire family.  

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