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Your Baby’s Fitted Sheets Need to Be 100% Cotton, and Here’s Why

We spend a considerable chunk of our days sleeping. For the lucky few, it’s at least 6 to 8 hours of unadulterated, undisturbed quality snooze time. And for the rest of us (we’re looking at you, exhausted mommy!), it’s whenever we have the time to get some shut eye.

We always look forward to getting into bed at the end of a tiring day. It’s the same thing for babies! Because they spend the whole day discovering the world, they need the most peaceful sleep they can get in order to recover.

If sleep is so important, we think it only makes sense to choose the best crib fitted sheet money can buy. But what is it?

100% Cotton: 100% Happy, 100% Healthy

When you choose 100% cotton fitted sheets, you are prioritizing not only a relaxing night but also your baby’s overall well-being. Comfort is essential and, to be honest, is there really anything more blissful than diving into ultra-soft sheets? But aside from that, when you buy 100% cotton, which is one of the safest materials out there, you are also making the best decision for your baby’s health.

8 Things to Look for in Choosing Your Baby’s Fitted Sheet

Whatever your baby’s sleep hours are, no matter how long, if you want to make the most out of her bedtime, look no further than fitted sheets that are made of pure, premium quality cotton.

1. It Should Be Lightweight and Breathable.

We have established that babies spend a big part of their waking time playing and just being active. With this said, they can get sweaty and warm especially during hot summer days. To prevent them from getting drenched in sweat while they are sleeping, you need to get them fitted sheets that are lightweight and breathable.

High-quality cotton is your best bet when it comes to breathable fabrics. It allows plenty of airflow and lets heat escape your baby’s body, helping her stay cool. Cotton is also able to draw away moisture and sweat, helping your baby remain fresh and dry.

2. It Should Be Ultra-Soft and Smooth.

Another thing that makes cotton superior over other fabrics is its softness and smoothness. They are not stiff or clingy like other fabrics tend to be. We doubt there’s any material that comes close to 100% cotton when it comes to coziness!

Our crib fitted sheets here at Living Textiles are crafted with soft, premium cotton percale, which means they are, in equal parts, crisp and smooth. They feel absolutely amazing against the skin, but, hey, don’t take our word for it: feel our fitted sheets yourselves and see the difference. 

3. It Should Be Hypoallergenic and Gentle on the Skin.

Baby’s Fitted Sheets

A newborn baby has very delicate skin, and the worst thing you can do is damage it unknowingly. You see, synthetic fibers and fibers that are of poor quality can easily irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. This can cause rashes and, for some babies, even trigger eczema and other serious skin problems.

But because cotton is a natural fiber, it does a great job in protecting your little one’s skin. It is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and is not harsh on your baby’s skin. This only means that a fitted sheet made of 100% cotton will help her get some good quality zzz’s.

4. It Should Fit All Standard-Size Cribs.

It seems that choosing the perfect crib fitted sheet is not as simple as it sounds, but we are here to help. Aside from the material, another important thing to consider is how it fits a standard-size crib. It is crucial to get a well-fitting sheet to prevent accidents and injuries.  

In the US, a full size crib follows the prescribed dimensions of 28 ± 5/8 inches in width x 52 3/8 ± 5/8 inches in length (source). Here at Living Textiles, we make sure that all of our crib fitted sheets fulfill these guidelines and fit your crib securely.

5. It Should Be Fully Elasticized

A full elastic should be on top of your list when looking for the perfect fitted sheet for your baby’s crib. Some fitted sheets only have elastics at the corners, and while this may work, these sheets are not as secure as fully elasticized fitted sheets.

Fully elasticized fitted sheets have elastics that go all the way around the four sides. When a fitted sheet is fully elasticized, just like our muslin crib fitted sheets, it stays firmly in place, which means less work for you! More importantly, a fitted sheet that stays in place means a fitted sheet that’s safe for your baby.

6. It Should Have Deep Corners

Aside from full elastics and compliance to the prescribed size guidelines, the ideal crib fitted sheet should also have deep corners or pockets. No matter how much your baby rolls around when she’s sleeping, a fitted sheet that has deep corners will not come undone!

Because your baby’s well-being is our utmost priority, our Living Textiles crib fitted sheets are thoughtfully designed with extra deep corners. Even if you use an extra thick crib mattress, our fitted sheets deliver! With extra deep corners, we guarantee not only a snug fit but also your baby’s safety.

7. It Should Be Durable and Easy to Clean

We mentioned that cotton has antibacterial properties, but did you know that it also repels dirt? As if this reason is not enough, cotton is also a very durable fabric. So aside from the fact that it stays clean, cotton can withstand regular washing, too. If these reasons don’t make you want to hoard cotton sheets, we don’t know what will!

This brings us to another point. Crib fitted sheets that are made of 100% cotton may cost a bit higher than some sheets made of synthetic fabrics. But because cotton sheets last for many, many years, they give you more value for your money.

8. It Should Come in Charming Prints That Stand the Test of Time

If you think that 100% cotton crib fitted sheets are boring, think again! Our sheets come in a variety of classic colors and tasteful prints to fit the theme of your baby’s nursery.  

We have several timeless prints and patterns if you prefer a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. Some of our bestsellers include Grey Clouds, Pink Hearts, and Starry Night.

On the other hand, if you have an inclination toward quirky and fun designs, we have them, too! Check out our Lolli Living line for playful designs such as Sparrow, Peaks, and Green Scallops.  

We hope we were able to help you make an informed decision about the best crib fitted sheet for your baby. If you are ready to shop, start here!

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