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11 Baby Essentials for Your Baby’s Diaper Changing Station

During your baby’s first months, expect to go through diaper after diaper… literally. This means you are also going to spend a lot of time on a changing table. It only makes sense to make sure your baby’s diaper changing station should be complete as well as comfortable for both of you.

If this is your first baby, then you might be amazed at just how much you need for a single diaper change. You will need baby essentials like wet wipes, cotton balls, a fresh change of diapers (and clothing), and, occasionally, a tube of rash cream. 

Also, the most crucial part of changing your baby’s diapers is never leaving them alone on top of their changing table. Anything can happen, and it’s possible that they can start rolling over at the most inopportune time. So don’t risk it! It is best to keep all of your diaper changing supplies within reach so you will never have to leave your baby’s side, not even for a second.

So how do you put together a complete and comfortable diaper changing station?

11 Things to Put in Your Diaper Changing Station

1. A sturdy baby changing table

The focal point and the most important part of your diaper changing station is the baby changing table. You need to choose one that is stable and sturdy. It should be at the right height to lessen the strain on your back. Don’t forget the safety strap and ample storage space.

2. A steady supply of diapers

Is it even a diaper changing station without a supply of diapers? It’s incredibly helpful to always have diapers on hand, so don’t be afraid to hoard. 

If you are using cloth diapers, keep a stack of pre-folded shells with absorbent inserts already placed inside to save you time while changing. It will also be helpful if you keep a separate stack of inserts only for instances when you only have to change the inserts, not the shells.

On the other hand, if you are using disposable diapers, take them out of the packaging and keep them in a neat stack so you can easily get one while changing your baby. 

3. A stock of wet wipes and/or cotton balls

Expect to use up a lot of wet wipes when your baby is still small! Purchase wet wipes in bulk so you’ll never run out of them. You can also use damp cotton balls as they can be gentler on your baby’s skin, so keep a stock of them as well. 

4. A back-up changing pad cover

Buy at least two comfortable waterproof changing pad covers so you always have another one for backup. Keep the extra cover within your reach in case the other one gets wet or soiled.

5. A small basket of current-size baby clothes

Sometimes, diapers are not the only ones that are in need of changing! In the times (which are hopefully rare) when diaper blowouts happen, you will need to change your baby out of their soiled clothes. Keeping a few baby clothes will definitely come in handy. 

6. A plush toy or a knitted rattle

It’s wise to keep your baby entertained while you do your business changing their diapers. Again, to keep all baby essentials within your reach, keep a favorite plush toy or knitted rattle in your diaper changing station. You may also hang another baby musical mobile to keep your baby occupied. 

7. A tube of rash cream

You won’t need rash cream every time, so keeping one bottle or tube should do the job. Just make sure that you have one in case your baby comes down with a diaper rash. 

8. A diaper pail

Another thing that you can do is to keep your diaper pail right in your diaper changing station. This way, you can immediately dispose of your baby’s dirty diaper without having to leave your baby alone. 

9. A laundry bin

It’s also important to keep a laundry bin nearby for soiled clothing or soiled cloth diapers. 

10. A lampshade

Be ready to change your baby’s diaper at night by having a lampshade near your baby’s diaper changing station. It’s best to have a lampshade with muted lighting as the overhead light can be too bright and can startle your baby if they are asleep.

11. A bottle of hand sanitizer

Finally, don’t forget to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby! You will still need to wash your hands, but while you still have your hands full, hand sanitizer is the more practical choice. 

You will be changing a significant number of diapers especially during your baby’s newborn stage, so why don’t you put together a diaper changing station complete with baby essentials? It’s also nice to make it as comfortable and conducive for bonding because every moment spent with your little one should be memorable. 

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