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4 Special Benefits of Classical Music for Babies

Music is powerful. For babies, music can be used as a way to entertain them and keep them enthralled. And when they are feeling tired and sleepy, music is also an effective soother that helps them feel calmer and more restful. 

In general, it is encouraged to sing and play different kinds of music to your baby. But while there are many genres of music, it is classical music that creates a special — and probably the most significant — impact on babies. 

What do they say about the benefits of classical music for babies? Let’s find out.

1. Classical music may help improve your baby’s quality of sleep.

    Classical music is soothing and calming, and listening to it during bedtime may have a positive effect on your baby’s quality of sleep. A study found out that it is effective in reducing sleeping problems, such as restlessness and waking up in the middle of the night. The slow tempo of classical music is also linked to a better heart rate, which contributes to a relaxed, calm feeling.

    2. Classical music may aid in language development.

      Another benefit that classical music may have on babies is language development. Classical music is said to have an impact on babies’ cognitive development through two things: a sharper memory and improved listening skills. 

      Classical music that you baby can sing along to will encourage them to repeat the music and the words, which aids in boosting memory. Listening to music also results in improved auditory skills, which is a precursor to communication and comprehension. With these skills, your baby may have a better grasp of linguistics.

      3. Classical music may affect your baby’s emotional intelligence.

        Did you know that listening to classical music may have an effect on your baby’s emotions and feelings, too? Music is known to evoke strong emotions, which helps your baby understand their moods and feelings. Listening to classical music may help your baby develop awareness and understand not only their own emotions but also the emotions of others. 

        4. Classical music may make your baby happier and calmer. 

          Playing classical music just may be the secret to having a happier and calmer baby! Classical music is typically slow and soothing and has a calming effect on most babies. It is also said that classical music helps release endorphins or happy hormones!

          Babies who have a happy disposition generally do better in terms of growth and reaching their milestones in time. Calmer babies are also of better overall health compared to babies who are finicky and harder to soothe. 

          Exposing Your Baby to Classical Music

          Now that we have established the benefits of classical music for babies, just how can you encourage your baby to listen to more classical music? For starters, begin with the baby accessory that is most likely on top of your baby essentials shopping list (if it’s not already in your nursery): a musical mobile for babies!

          Most musical mobiles play melodies that are, at the same time, entertaining and soothing. If you are still looking for a good musical mobile for babies, look for one that is safe, sturdy, and does not have long strings. To avail the benefits that you just learned, look for a musical mobile that plays classical music that your baby will love!

          Living Textiles Musical Mobiles have sturdy plastic frames, easy-install and secure attachments, and hanging toys that are knitted from 100% cotton. They feature 12 classical melodies including It’s A Small World, Are You Sleeping (Frere Jacques), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms’ Lullaby, and more. 

          Are you ready to shop for musical mobiles? Click here!

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