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15 Gorgeous Baby Gifts You Can Get for $25 and Under

The arrival of a newborn baby is always a good reason to shop for gifts! Whether you are going to a loved one’s baby shower or you are the one who is about to give birth (in that case, congratulations!), there’s a baby gift for everyone. 

On a budget of $25 and under? Don’t worry, we have the perfect gift ideas to suit your budget! These gifts may be inexpensive but they certainly do not look cheap. Instead, these baby gift ideas are not only classy but also very well-made.

Living Textiles Baby Gift Ideas

Living Textiles Co has a wide range of baby products and brands that you can choose from. Every single Living Textiles product, no matter the price, is carefully designed to stand the test of time. Our designs are classic and timeless, and will always look good no matter what the current trends dictate.

Our products are also sourced from premium natural materials so you are sure that our quality passes the highest standards.

We also employ a strict production method, which we call Liv-Tex. This is a 5-point quality control method to ensure that every product we make is 100% flawless. The products even scanned through a metal detector just to make sure that no loose or broken parts are left inside.

15 Baby Gift Ideas for $25 and Under

Even with budget restrictions, you will still get to enjoy choosing the perfect baby gift. We have a wide range of affordable baby products that are not only gorgeous but also comfortable and long-lasting.  

Here are 15 great baby gift ideas that are $25 and under.

1.   Bandana Bibs - Peaks - $19.99

Bibs are a perfect baby gift because it is a true baby essential. Ours is a set of two bandana-style bibs. They come in an adorable and gender-neutral designs in classic hues of white and grey. They are made of 100% cotton so they are ultra-soft and absorbent. They are also reversible with two adjustable snap closures.

2.   Burp Cloth Set - $19.99

Any mother would love to receive a pair of burp cloths for her newborn baby! This is a set of two burp cloths in gender-neutral patterns. They are ultra-soft and absorbent as they are made of high quality cotton muslin. They are also reversible, have button snaps, and are machine-washable. 

Designs available:


3.   Muslin Jacquard Blanket - $24.99

Is any baby essential checklist complete without a baby blanket? A good baby blanket is soft, durable, and versatile. This baby blanket is woven from 100% cotton, and it softens with every wash! It also comes in gender-neutral but eye-catching designs that stand the test of time.

Designs available:



4.   Baby Blanket with Sherpa - $24.99

If you are looking for a unique baby blanket, we have several options for you. One of them is our baby blanket with sherpa. On one side is a lightweight cotton that is breathable, and on the other side is a plush sherpa lining that is perfect for snuggling. The blankets come in several modern and fun designs!

Designs available:


5.   Canvas Art – Sparrow Deer - $24.99

Add flair to your baby’s nursery room by putting up a canvas art with an eye-catching design. This particular wall art is a deer portrait in front of an eclectic triangle pattern. The design is screen printed on a canvas with hook hangers and a ribbon option for easy installation.

6.   Chenille Baby Blanket - $23.99 

Wrap your baby in snug comfort with our ultra-soft chenille baby blankets. They come in different designs, all adorable and timeless, and in a variety of muted hues. They are versatile and can be used anywhere – in the car, in the stroller, and even on the floor. 

Designs available:

7.   Muslin Jacquard Wearable Baby Blanket - $24.99


A wearable baby blanket is perfect for any newborn baby. Ours is made of 100% premium cotton so they are ultra-soft, lightweight, and breathable. They have four click-together buttons for a secure fit! Plus, they come in classic colors and different gender-neutral designs.

Designs available:

8.   Cushion - From $17.99

Inspire any newborn baby’s growing imagination with brightly colored and super soft nursery cushions. We have a wide range of designs, all whimsical and fancy, and they will definitely add charm to your baby’s room. They are made of 100% cotton and a fluffy fill – perfect for cuddling!

 Designs available:


9.   Decorative Cushion - $24.99 

If animated designs are not your thing, we also have decorative cushions in minimalist designs. They contain inspiring words, which not only adds character to your nursery but may also help develop your baby’s cognitive skills. They make a sweet baby room even sweeter!

Designs available:

10. Hooded Towel - $24.99 

Make bath time more fun and enjoyable with adorable hooded towels! Our hooded towels come in a range of gender-neutral colors and designs that are perfect for any baby. They are made of premium cotton, so our hooded towels are ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent.

Designs available:



11. Knitted Garlands - Grey Clouds - $24.99


Knitted garlands are a fantastic way to make your baby nursery even more charming without overpowering the other elements. Knitted with 100% premium cotton, our garland comes in simple and fun shapes that your baby will take delight in. They are also soft and very playable. 

12. Knitted Rattle - $9.99

Every baby needs a rattle. It is not only a toy for enjoyment but also a tool to help enhance your baby’s fine motor skills and spatial understanding. Our rattles are soft and knitted with high quality cotton. They also come in a wide range of adorable characters to delight your little one. 

Designs available:



13. Knitted Toy - $23.99

Knitted toys will not fail to make any baby – or any parent – feel special. Our knitted toys come in a variety of characters with expressive faces that newborn babies love. They are also made of 100% premium cotton that is ideal for babies’ skin and perfect for long hours of snuggles.


Designs available:

14. Gift Card - From $10

For fail-proof gifting, you can never go wrong with gift cards. At Living Textiles, we have gift cards that suit every budget, from as low as $10! Give your recipient – or yourself – the gift of choice with Living Textiles gift cards. They are delivered by email with no additional processing fees.


Are you ready to start shopping for baby gifts costing $25 and under? Click here!

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