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5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Exhausted New Moms

There is nothing like the job of a new mom. From having ample time for yourself, suddenly, you are thrown into an entirely new routine that revolves around the newborn baby. 

The funny thing about being a new mom is that while you’re thankful for the new job, you can’t help but miss the good old days when you actually had time to shower and brush your hair.

Your newborn baby is going to need your presence all day — and all night — for both warmth and nourishment. And you don’t even need to figure out when they are going to need you. They won’t hesitate to cry out loud to let you know!

To say that motherhood, at the newborn stage, is demanding is an understatement. 

But the good news is that self-care does not need to become a thing of the distant past. With a touch of creativity and a lot (a lot) of flexibility, there are plenty of ways to take care of your busy, exhausted self. These self-care ideas don’t require much and can fit easily into your lifestyle.

1. Take some time to reflect. 

  • Start a journal.

Journaling can be intimidating, but you don’t really need to write long entries. Even writing one line or sentence a day has a great effect in easing your stress and anxiety and in expressing your emotions.

  • Listen to music.

Whichever genre you prefer, whether it’s classical or rock, listening to music has a soothing effect on you and will help calm frazzled nerves! 

  • Compose a note.

Journals are typically meant to be written and read in private. You may also do another approach by composing notes that are meant to be given to other people — including your husband and your baby — to express your thoughts.

2. Connect with people. 

  • Meet a friend.

Even if you can spare only 30 minutes of your time, you will feel a lot better after having coffee or tea with a dear friend. 

  • Call a friend.

If meeting a friend is simply impossible given your schedule, a nice alternative would be to spend time talking with them over the phone.

  • Scroll through your favorite social media app.

Another way that you can feel connected — whether it’s with your friends, relatives, or a community of like minded moms — is to go on social media. 

  • Conversely, stay away from social media.

On the other hand, taking a break from social media and choosing eye-to-eye interactions instead will be great for your soul, too. 

3. Step out of your house.

  • Take your baby out for a walk.

Bundle your baby up and put them in the stroller! The fresh air and the change of environment that you get from the walk benefit not only them but also you. 

  • Jog. 

If someone can watch over your baby for a while, you can take advantage of the time by going for a jog. Jogging is a good form of exercise that releases feel-good hormones!

4. Make baby steps to pursue your passion.

  • Read a book.

The book you bought ages ago but still remains to be unopened? When it’s baby’s naptime, take that book out and read a chapter or two.

  • Cook or bake using a new recipe.

Look for a new recipe that you haven’t made before — something that’s easy and doesn’t require too much time or too many ingredients — and have fun in the kitchen.

  • Listen to a podcast.

There are a lot of interesting podcasts that might pique your curiosity and passion. The best part of podcasts is that you can explore subjects and expand your knowledge without having to stop what you’re doing!

  • Make a work of art.

If you are into art, take out your supplies and create a masterpiece! If your baby is old enough to color, get some baby-safe paint or crayons and let them help, too. 

5. Indulge!

  • Do your makeup.

Even if you’re not planning on going anywhere! If you like wearing makeup, wearing one, even at home, will help lift your spirits.

  • Prepare yourself a drink.

Make yourself a hot cup of coffee or a cup of tea and just enjoy the afternoon.

  • Make your favorite dessert.

You can also prepare your favorite snack or dessert to go with your drink!

  • Go online shopping.

If you have the budget for some online shopping, go for it! It’s quite fun to spend time looking at cute baby essentials — just make sure you choose high-quality ones that are made to be gentle on your baby’s skin.

There are many ways to give yourself some much needed self-care. With this list, you will always have an idea or two to use! The best part is that most of these self-care ideas don’t require much and can be done even with your busy, new mom schedule.

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