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6 Beautifully Unique Baby Shower Gifts

6 Beautifully Unique Baby Shower Gifts 

The arrival of a newborn baby is always a cause for celebration… and a heap of lovely baby gifts in the baby shower, of course!


With all the gifts the new parents – and the new baby – will receive, it’s a good idea to get a baby shower gift that is unique and memorable. You would want to give something that will stand out! But this is no ordinary task; in fact, it can be daunting if you are not sure of what to give to a newborn baby.


The great news is that we have a list of unique baby shower gifts for you!


First Things First


But before we go over these baby shower gift ideas, here is a guideline that you should always remember when buying something for a newborn baby. More important than getting a unique baby gift, you must make sure that your pick fulfills the following recommendations:


  •     It should be made of high-quality materials, much better if it is made by a reputable brand. Reputable brands make sure that their products satisfy current safety guidelines, so they are your best bet.
  •     It should not have a part that poses a risk to a newborn baby, such as small removable parts, batteries and magnets, and long strings.
  •     It should be functional! A gift that is only pretty but not useful is destined to become a dust-collector on a shelf. On the other hand, a truly useful gift may not remain pretty but it will remain valuable to the family.
  •     Finally, the looks of the product matter! Because you are looking for a gift, you should get something that the baby and the parents will take delight in. Take into consideration their planned theme for the nursery. If they haven’t decided yet, choose a gift that comes in classic colors that do not go out of style.


Now that you already know the basic guidelines in choosing the perfect baby shower gift, let’s move on to the best part… the unique baby shower gifts to choose from!


6 Unique Baby Shower Gifts to Choose From


1.    Theodore Elephant Knitted Rattle


A rattle is not just a toy! Instead, it is a tool that every newborn baby needs to help strengthen their muscles, improve focus, and stimulate their senses. However, the typical hard plastic rattle may harm a newborn baby if they accidentally drop it. It is a lot better to choose a soft and plush baby rattle.


The Theodore Elephant Knitted Rattle is a great choice for a soft rattle. Knitted with 100% cotton, it is ultra-soft and perfect for gentle little hands. Aside from the jingling sound, it has an interesting surface texture from the knit, which will stimulate a baby’s tactile sense.


2.    Sparrow Musical Mobile


Musical mobiles are everywhere, but did you know that you can get a good musical mobile that also doubles as a baby toy? Many mobiles are made of pure plastic. They make for good décor, but the baby cannot play with them. Instead, get one with plush hanging toys that the newborn baby will love to tinker with.


The Sparrow Musical Mobile has a sturdy plastic frame with a grey-and-white striped cotton covering. From its short strings, four plush woodland animals hang. They are wonderfully adorable and will spark the interest of any newborn baby. Plus, it plays classical melodies like Brahms’ Lullaby to lull them to sleep.


3.    Mountain Peaks Cushion


While we are on the topic of nursery décor that also doubles as a baby toy, a cushion makes a perfect baby gift, too! A cushion can be put on the floor with a play mat or inside the baby’s crib. This versatile baby gift can be used as an accent piece or a toy or a cuddle partner!


The Mountain Peaks cushion is made of cotton, which makes it ultra-soft, with a stuffing that makes it really fluffy. Its mountain shape is also perfect for tiny baby hands to hold and carry and play with! Finally, because it comes in a classic grey-and-white color scheme, it will be a great addition to any nursery.


4.    Knitted Bear Bento Baby Gift Set


While muslin swaddle blankets are always a baby essential, you can expect that the baby will receive numerous muslin blankets in the baby shower. If you want to give the baby something different but just as useful, then you may want to consider getting them a thicker knitted blanket.


Perfect for cuddling when the temperatures drop, the Living Textiles knitted blanket is ultra-soft and cozy. And the Knitted Bear Baby Bento Gift Set includes not only the knitted blanket but also an adorable knitted grey bear! This is a complete gift that truly takes care of the essentials.


5.    Woods Baby Quilt


Another unique baby shower gift that you can give is a quilt! Versatile and functional, a quilt can serve as part of the baby’s bedding as well as a wall decoration for the baby’s nursery. To fulfill these functions, it is important to choose a quilt that is not only soft and cozy but also attractive.


The Woods Baby Quilt is made of 100% cotton, which makes it soft – and even softer with every wash. It comes in brilliant colors and an eye-catching design. The animals printed on one side can be used to teach baby about animals. Also, did we mention it is reversible with a second design on the other side?


6.    Safari Crib Bedding Set


Finally, a crib bedding set is definitely a baby gift that the new family will appreciate. Its usefulness is undeniable, and because it is already comes as a set, it can serve as the focal point of the baby nursery. It may even help the family decide on the baby’s nursery theme!


The Safari Crib Bedding Set is a set of 4 that includes 2 fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt. All made of 100% cotton, they are incredibly soft and breathable. It also comes in a gender-neutral color scheme that is predominantly white with playful orange and blue animal accents.


With unique baby shower gift ideas like these, the perfect gift for the new baby in your life is in the bag! Are you ready to shop for baby shower gifts? Click here!

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