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7 Adorable Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Only a few things are more exciting than the arrival of a new baby! And what usually comes next after the announcement of a pregnancy? A baby shower! But how do you plan a baby shower without knowing the baby’s gender?

There are several good reasons to throw a gender-neutral baby shower. It is possible that the expecting couple has opt not to know the baby’s gender in advance. Or it may still be too early for the ultrasound scans to tell. Or the couple might prefer a gender-neutral theme simply because they want to move away from traditional pinks and blues.

Another great reason to start looking for gender-neutral baby shower themes? A surprise baby shower! If you are in charge of organizing the baby shower and want to keep it a complete secret from the couple, then a gender-neutral party is your best bet.

Don’t worry — it’s definitely possible to host a gender-neutral baby shower in style! Here are 7 gender-neutral baby shower themes that you can take inspiration from.

1. Skies, Sun, and Stars Theme

Playing around with stars and heavenly bodies is such a fun way to celebrate your baby shower! You can go all intergalactic and include planets, comets, and asteroids in your decoration. Or you can go simple and classic by using clouds, stars, and a charming sun. 

You can also experiment with colors! You may choose to use dark colors like purple and twilight blue, especially if the direction you have chosen is outer space. For a simpler skies and sun theme, a light color scheme of white, silver, and yellow does the trick!


2. Storybook Theme

Is the family a fan of reading? Then a storybook baby shower theme would be more than perfect! There are many charming storybooks, like Green Eggs and Ham, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Pat The Bunny, that can serve as delightful baby shower decorations.

To choose a color scheme, it may be helpful to choose one focal point first. For example, you may choose a specific story to focus on, or you may also choose to focus on a particular character like Peter Rabbit.

3. Alphabet Theme

No one is too young to start learning, so it shouldn’t be too early to begin introducing the alphabet during the baby shower! An alphabet-themed baby shower is not only endearing but also tasteful and artistic.

You may opt to use the following as decorations: books (like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom), wooden alphabet blocks, and knitted quilts. If you can also have letter and number cookies baked, then that would be a nice touch!

4. Safari Theme

Organize the perfect baby shower for a future explorer by using a safari theme! Your theme will have a balance of elements embracing adventure and learning. Don’t forget to feature safari animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras! 

For the color scheme, it’s best to opt for a mix of vibrant and earthy colors. Vibrant colors like jewel blue, emerald green, and bright orange go so well with muted, earthy colors like dark brown and ochre yellow. 


5. Elephant Theme

There are only a few animals as beguiling as elephants! They are cuddly and super cute, and they somehow exude a comforting mood. An elephant-themed baby shower will definitely give everyone a wonderful time!

For this gender-neutral baby shower theme, a subtle and muted color scheme of white and grey works greatly. Then again, you may also choose to incorporate bright and vibrant colors to the mix. Don’t forget the elephant plush toys!


6. Woodland Animals Theme

For an enchanting baby shower theme, it’s hard to go wrong with woodland animals! Both dreamy and exciting, a woodland animal theme may include wise owls, clever foxes, playful bears, spritely deers, and more.

To complete this gender-neutral baby shower theme, you may use a variety of colors — any color scheme would actually work great with woodland animals! Make it fun and eclectic and don’t be afraid to mix and match elements.


7. Birds Theme

Lovably sweet and charming birds can also be the perfect elements for a baby shower theme! For a bird-themed baby shower theme, you can incorporate rustic elements like green wreaths, a bronze birdcage, and a wooden birdhouse. 

Heading the rustic route, you may want to choose subtle and earthy colors like pale brown and caramel and mix them with pastel colors like pale blue and pale pink. With these elements and colors, a happy and cheery baby shower is in the bag!


There are so many ways to celebrate the arrival of a baby without having to use traditional themes and gendered pinks and blues. Gender-neutral baby shower themes are both modern and timeless — definitely stylish and one to remember! 

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