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6 Different Newborn Baby Blankets to Get for Your Baby

A baby blanket is one of the essential baby items that you are bound to use a lot especially during your child’s first year. With so many uses, you will definitely benefit from having an arsenal of durable but comfortable baby blankets. 

One of the needs of your newborn baby is the need to feel comfort and warmth. Your baby will look to you first for this need, but a good baby blanket will also help keep them feeling comfortable. For this reason, it is practical to get a baby blanket that is ultra-soft, cozy, and gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin.

The Versatility of Baby Blankets 

But aside from keeping your baby nice and cozy, a baby blanket is also good for a lot of different uses. For example, you can use your cotton muslin baby blanket as both a receiving blanket and a swaddling blanket. Cotton muslin is lightweight and allows your baby’s skin to breathe. 

When you go out with your baby in a stroller and you find that the afternoon sun is still a bit warm, you can use your muslin baby blanket, too, as a stroller shade. With proper supervision, it helps to keep the direct sunlight away from your baby.

If you are breastfeeding, you don’t need to buy a separate nursing cover – unless you want to. If you are looking to save money, any of your muslin baby blankets can work to give you and your baby some privacy when nursing. 

When the temperature drops, it is also helpful to have a thicker baby blanket around. Thick baby blankets are not just useful for keeping your baby warm, too. They can also be used as a soft play mat for tummy time.

While you don’t need to get too many baby blankets, it is good to be prepared and have the useful kinds of blankets handy. Here’s a guide to help you know what kind of baby blankets to get for your newborn baby. 

Newborn Baby Blankets to Get Your Baby 

1.    Cotton Muslin Baby Blanket

One of the first and most essential baby blankets that you can get for your baby are cotton muslin baby blankets. Because they are lightweight, they are perfect for the warmer months. They are breathable and allow a good amount of airflow and won’t trap heat inside.

Also, as mentioned above, they are pretty useful for pretty much anything. Aside from shading your baby from the sun and keeping your privacy as you nurse your baby, you can use them for emergency cleanups. They are so versatile that we recommend getting three or four good quality muslin blankets!

2.    Chenille Baby Blanket

A good chenille baby blanket is incredibly soft, lush to the touch, and absolutely cozy. Your baby will love the feeling of being enveloped in one! The interesting texture of chenille baby blankets, given by interwoven yarns and fibers, will also stimulate your baby’s sensory development.

Another great thing about good quality chenille baby blankets is that they are tough and durable. Despite its delicate and soft look, it can withstand regular use. A good chenille baby blanket made of good material is also easy to care for, too, and machine-washable.

3.    Baby Blanket with Sherpa Lining

Newborn baby blankets During the colder months, it is beneficial to have a baby blanket that is lined with sherpa. The sherpa lining provides warmth and insulation, protecting your baby against the cold. A baby blanket lined with sherpa is also super cozy and will feel like luxury.

Despite the fluffiness, sherpa is quick-drying and effective in wicking away moisture. Sherpa is also good alternative to genuine fur as it is more lightweight, less bulky, and more ecologically friendly. And compared to genuine fur, a sherpa lining is much easier to maintain!

4.    Baby Wearable Blanket

Newborn baby blankets

Every newborn baby needs at least one wearable blanket made of cotton muslin because they are lightweight and stay in place. Because they stay in place, you don’t have to worry about loose blankets getting undone. A baby wearable blanket made of cotton muslin will allow air to flow freely inside, too.

When choosing a wearable blanket, avoid full zippers where your baby’s skin can get caught. Instead, it is much better to get a wearable blanket with snaps or click-together buttons on the sides. These will ensure a secure fit without restricting your baby’s motions. 

5.    Baby Milestone Blanket

The last two blankets on our list are not particularly essential, but it is nice to have them around! A baby milestone blanket is basically a blanket that contains numbers that represent months. When you take baby milestone photos, use a charming baby milestone blanket to mark your baby’s current month and stage.

6.    Personalized Baby Blanket

Finally, it will also be amazing to have a personalized baby blanket made especially for your bundle of joy! You can get a baby blanket from Etsy with your baby’s name knitted or embroidered, but if you can do it yourself, it will be a great project to do while nesting. A personalized baby blanket is a treasure, and you can reuse it as a décor or keep it as an heirloom afterwards.


Baby blankets are truly a baby must-have that you cannot overlook when shopping for newborn baby stuff. We hope this simple list was able to help you know what to look for in baby blankets! 

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