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Four Reasons Why You Should Use Cotton Jersey Baby Products

When shopping for baby products, keep in mind that both the textile and the knit make a whole lot of difference. For baby essentials, look for products that are soft, durable, and made using the finest materials. This is especially true for those that your child will be using every day like crib fitted sheets and baby blankets

At Living Textiles, each product is lovingly crafted with your baby’s comfort and well-being in mind. Using materials of the highest quality, Living Textiles products are made to give your baby layers of warmth and comfort. And you don’t need to take our word for it: feel our products for yourself. Feel the difference and feel the love!

We also take pride in innovating and using different techniques to create lifestyle and baby products that will give you the best value. We use a variety of textiles, techniques, and designs to suit diverse lifestyles and needs.

Cotton Textile + Jersey Knit

If optimum comfort is your priority, look no further than baby products that are made of cotton. We only use 100% high quality cotton – buttery soft and smooth – for your baby essentials.

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and no toxic chemicals have been added to our products. Because of this, it is safe even for your newborn baby’s delicate skin. It does not pose any health risk like skin irritations and will not trigger more serious conditions like eczema and asthma.

On the other hand, jersey is one of our favorite knitting techniques. It is done by interlocking loops of lightweight yarn with one flat and one piled side. The result of this method is the popular loose and stretchy fabric that we are all familiar with.

Now, jersey is a very common type of knit, and when people talk about jersey, they are usually referring to garments and shirts. But did you know that jersey is a fantastic method to use for baby products, too?

The Virtues of Cotton Jersey

Because the jersey knit creates a fabric that is light and comfortable, it is a perfect material for creating baby products that can be used during any time of the year. We wanted to recreate the easy-breezy feeling of wearing a t-shirt and translate it to products that your baby can use every day.

While jersey can be made using different kinds of natural and synthetic fabrics, our jersey products are knitted using only 100% cotton. Cotton is our preferred material not only because it is natural and gentle but also because it is durable and versatile.

Here are four more reasons why a baby product made of cotton jersey is perfect for your baby.

1.   Cotton jersey baby products are soft and gentle.

The softness of Living Textiles cotton jersey baby products will remind you of wearing a comfy shirt. Because they are made of 100% premium cotton, they have an innate lightness and breathability to them. These characteristics make it possible to produce a product that is also 100% comfortable.

The jersey knit also uses small and even stitches. Because the stitches in our baby products, like our baby comforters for instance, are so consistent, the result is a flat and smooth surface.

2.   Cotton jersey baby products are stretchy and flexible.

The type of construction our products use, which is jersey, makes the fabric stretchable. This quality makes our cotton jersey products even cozier. Aside from that, because they are stretchy, products like our crib fitted sheets cling to your crib mattress more securely.

And another great thing about cotton jersey is that when it stretches, it does so without distortion. Even after the fabric has been stretched out, it just goes back to its original shape. With this said, to enjoy this property of jersey, it is definitely important to look for products that are made using high quality materials and meticulous techniques.

3.   Cotton jersey baby products drape comfortably.

Another property of cotton jersey is its ability to drape gracefully. When loose, cotton jersey baby products are able to fall with style. And when worn or wrapped around, they naturally skim over the right places. Your baby will truly feel comfortable when swaddled in a cotton jersey blanket!

Cotton jersey skims and drapes comfortably. It may cling to some places, but it does not feel too sticky or bothersome. Instead, it will contour to your baby’s form. Using a cotton jersey baby product will feel like a warm embrace.

4.   Cotton jersey baby products are easy to care for.

Baby products that are made of cotton jersey may feel lightweight and look delicate, but they are actually a breeze to care for. Living Textiles cotton jersey baby products are all machine washable. They are also durable enough to withstand regular washing.

Finally, cotton jersey makes life easier by creating baby products that are low-maintenance. Aside from being machine washable, cotton jersey products are resistant to both wrinkling and tearing. The fabric does not unravel easily, too, giving you value for your money.

All Living Textiles products are designed to last. We make sure that the products that we manufacture pass premium quality products. Each baby product is thoroughly checked, passing through a 5-point quality control process. It even includes being scanned by a metal detector to make sure that no loose parts have been left inside.

Living Textiles baby products also look gorgeous! They come in many different designs ranging from traditional and classic to fun and contemporary. From these designs, you will surely find something that will suit your taste.  

Are you ready to start shopping for cotton jersey baby products? Click here!

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