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7 Functional Room Decor to Add to Your Baby’s Nursery

With the arrival of your new baby comes the arrival of new sets of responsibilities, items, and spaces. They sure weren’t kidding when they said a baby will change your life. It will even change the arrangement of your own home!

A lot of your time with your newborn baby will be spent inside your baby’s nursery room. This means the room should not only be comfortable for both of you but also complete with everything you will possibly need. In order to meet this goal, it is helpful to put in your nursery serves both purposes.

In other words, to make the most out of baby shopping, choose decorative and functional room decor that are pretty and useful at the same time. Here’s a list to help you get started.

1. Musical Mobile

Your crib is the focal point of your nursery room, and the musical mobile is the nursery decor that compliments and enhances it. Aside from adding color and style to the room, a musical mobile is helpful for your baby as it promotes visual, auditory, and motor development.

When buying a musical mobile, choose one that has a sturdy frame, secure attachment, short strings, and soft hanging toys. 

2. Quilt

A good quilt is soft and comfortable and is a great addition to any crib bedding. At the same time, it can also serve as a piece of nursery decor that makes the ambience of the room more vibrant! You can simply drape it over the bedding or put it up as wall art. 

3. Plush Toy

Every little baby needs their own plush toy as a play buddy and cuddle companion. If you haven’t decided on a nursery theme yet, look at your baby’s favorite plush toy! For example, if you have an Austin Lion toy, you can go for a safari-themed room.

Because your baby will hold their plush toy a lot (and even put it inside their mouth), make sure to choose one made of cotton. 

4. Rattle

Another baby toy that flawlessly serves as a piece of nursery decor is your baby’s rattle. You can choose a rattle that compliments the theme of your nursery room and your baby’s favorite plush toy! For example, our Austin Lion toy has a counterpart in our Austin Lion rattle

Instead of plastic rattles that can break, it’s better to choose plush or soft rattles that do not only look adorable but also are softer and gentler on your baby. 

5. Play Mat

A play mat is an essential part of your baby’s nursery! Your baby will use it often for tummy time activities that are crucial in boosting your baby’s fine and gross motor skills as well as muscle development. These are also helpful in promoting mental, visual, and spatial skills.

Choose one that comes in a color and style that fits your nursery theme. Don’t forget to get the one that’s made of durable and gentle material!

6. Sherpa Blanket

When the winter comes, you would like to put your lightweight muslin blankets away inside the closet and take out the thicker blankets. A sherpa baby blanket does the job of keeping your baby warm quite well! 

Our sherpa baby blankets have two sides: the plush sherpa lining which is awesome for chilly weather, and a soft cotton side that comes in colors and styles that add beauty to the room. 

7. Cushion

Finally, to complete your list of functional decorative pieces for your nursery, add a cushion or two for the room. These can be placed on the floor together with the play mat or on a couch for comfy afternoon snuggles. 

And because your baby will love playing with soft cushions, choose one that is made of premium quality cotton that won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. 

Creating the perfect nursery is not impossible, and you definitely don’t need to fill the entire space with trinkets that don’t serve a purpose. Instead, buy wisely and choose pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional like the ones on this list. 

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