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8 Thoughtful Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding really does not require a lot. The most important part of breastfeeding is the act of being able to provide warmth and nourishment to your baby. But there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a few practical — and not so practical, if we’re being honest — things here and there that will help you enjoy the experience even more. 

If you’re thinking of getting a few gifts for another breastfeeding mom (or for yourself!), here’s a list of breastfeeding gifts that might help!

1. Lactation cookies

Whether or not the breastfeeding mom thinks she needs to up her breast milk supply, it’s hard to go wrong with sweet treats that are rich in galactagogues, which are foods or herbs that are said to promote lactation. 

These goodies are not only healthy but also very delish! Lactation cookies, for example, can contain oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, nuts, and chunks of chocolate that anyone can’t get enough of.

2. A new breastfeeding outfit outfit

Breastfeeding or not, everyone appreciates a new outfit! And when you’re breastfeeding, it is especially helpful to have breastfeeding outfits that allow easy and convenient nursing access. 

While it is perfectly fine to nurse using a stretchy tank top or a button-up shirt, it’s nice to shop for fancier breastfeeding tops and dresses, especially ones that can be used in the upcoming holiday parties!

3. Breastfeeding jewelry

If you’re still looking for more breastfeeding gifts, consider looking at breastfeeding jewelry! It’s something that can be worn daily, and it’s something that can be kept and given as heirloom.

You can choose breast milk jewelry with charms that contain your breast milk — yes, the real thing! You may also DIY it at home and make your own milk locket. If you’re not keen on using real milk, there are also a lot of non-milk containing jewelry options to choose from.

4. A tub of organic nipple cream

If you’re looking for something cute but practical, a tub of organic nipple cream just might do the trick. Every breastfeeding mom — even the veteran ones who have perfected the art of proper latch a long time ago — occasionally encounters a problem or two, so a tub of nipple cream to relieve pain would be really handy.

Look for organic brands that only contain edible ingredients for the baby’s safety. You can also opt to get a multipurpose balm that also serves as a lip balm!

5. A chic nursing cover

Not every breastfeeding mom is comfortable in covering up while nursing, but there are breastfeeding moms who feel differently. If you or your friend belongs to the latter, then a good breastfeeding gift idea would be a chic nursing cover.

You can get something that’s especially made for breastfeeding, or you may opt to get a scarf that is not only stylish but also usable even after the baby weans from nursing. 

6. A cool water bottle

One of the primary rules of breastfeeding is to always stay hydrated! Producing milk, after all, is a lot of hard work, and you will want to replenish the liquid that was lost from your body. With this said, every breastfeeding mom would definitely love to receive a water bottle!

Choose a cute water bottle with motivating breastfeeding messages or one with funny and adorable reminders. Anything that inspires them to drink more water!

7. A pretty but practical diaper bag

Gone are the days when diaper bags and mommy bags look anything but chic. These days, diaper bags can be used anywhere and anytime, even when your baby is no longer a baby! Take advantage of these options and get a diaper bag that can be used to house baby, mommy, and breastfeeding essentials.

Make sure to get a sturdy yet sleek bag with a lot of pockets and compartments for all these essentials — pretty but practical! 

8. A breastfeeding hamper

Finally, if you are having trouble choosing just one among these breastfeeding gifts, then why don’t you make a breastfeeding hamper that contains several? Put together lactation goodies, breastfeeding jewelry, nipple balm, a breastfeeding cover, a book, some cool breastfeeding trinkets — anything and everything that will make a breastfeeding mom’s day.

Everyone says that the only thing you need in order to breastfeed successfully is yourself (and your breasts, in association). But when you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know that it’s nice to have the essentials that will make your experience better, easier, and more comfortable.

Featured image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев on Unsplash
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