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7 Signs You’re Ready to Have Another Baby

It seems like it was just yesterday when you gave birth to your first baby. It was an overwhelming time, filled with happiness, tears, and many firsts. Somehow, you took things one day at a time until you were able to take care of your newborn baby like the pro that you are.

Now that your baby is no longer a baby, you’re finding yourself thinking the impossible… another baby! The question is are you really ready for having a second baby? Here are 7 signs that you are truly ready.

1. You have baby fever.

You gaze longingly at baby bumps, and you — somehow — find yourself browsing the baby aisle even though you were actually looking for a new stapler. You’re also updated with all the new baby trends despite the fact that your firstborn is now a full-fledged toddler and is more interested in bicycles than strollers.

You may also be reading baby blogs, watching baby shows, and just plain obsessed with all things baby. If you think you have baby fever, you may be ready for a second baby.

2. Your finances are in order.

You can’t be prepared for a new baby if you don’t have your finances in order. If you are having a second baby, then you should be monetarily prepared for it. Unlike your first pregnancy, this time, you are going to provide for your needs as a pregnant woman as well as your firstborn’s needs. And when your second baby is born, you have two children to provide for.

This new responsibility requires you and your partner to analyze your finances and savings. You need to make sure that you have more than enough to accommodate both your children.

3. You have enough space for a new baby.

Aside from finances, you have to have enough space — literally — for a new baby. Is your house spacious enough to accommodate the newborn baby’s gear, clothing, and endless supply of diapers? Is there enough space left for your newborn’s gear, clothing, and essentials? Do you have an extra room to become your secondborn’s nursery?

It is not necessary to have a huge house in order to have enough space for two children; however, if you have to make adjustments, then you have to do it now rather than wait for the positive pregnancy test result.

4. Your first baby is interested in other babies.

When you’re mulling over the decision to have a new baby, don’t forget to get your firstborn’s opinion. If they are old enough to speak, you may simply have a talk with them regarding having a sibling. If they are not vocal yet, observe them and let them take the lead. Are they curious about little babies? Are they gentle when handling something smaller than them?

You need to make sure that the entire family — not just you — is not only ready but also excited to gain a new member!

5. Your firstborn is becoming more independent.

Because having a newborn baby is demanding, it is inevitable that when you give birth, you will be spending a little less time with your firstborn child. This definitely does not mean neglecting your firstborn or letting them do things completely on their own, but it will be easier on you if they are already a bit independent. For example, can they feed themselves? Are they potty trained?

If your firstborn child is still completely dependent on you and is not yet potty trained, then it’s best to focus on achieving these developmental milestones first while you can still give them 100% of your time and attention.

6. Your partner feels the same way.

A newborn baby is not your sole responsibility, which means that it should not be your sole decision as well. Have a talk about your partner about having a second baby and ask them how they feel about it. Don’t just mention it in passing; instead, take the time to sit down with your partner and discuss the pros and cons. 

If your partner has doubts, don’t take it against them and listen to their rationale. But if they are completely on board, then go ahead and have another baby!

7. You just know that your body is ready.

Finally, forget about having a second baby if you are just feeling pressured to have one. Listen to your body. Have you completely recovered from your first pregnancy, labor, and delivery? Even if you have recovered physically, your mind may still be suffering some trauma and you are afraid to get pregnant again. Don’t be pressured into having another baby if you are not yet completely ready for it. 

Give your body enough time to heal. But if you are absolutely sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for a second baby, then go for it!

Featured image by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash
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