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7 Toxins and Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Baby Products

Having a newborn baby at home entails a lot of hard work; there’s no question about that. From the big things, like breastfeeding or formula-feeding and choosing the safest baby gear, to the small details like the material of our baby blankets, each parenting decision needs to be carefully considered.

You see, not every baby product is made the same. Some look cute and adorable outside, but you know that you shouldn’t be looking for just cute. Instead, it is more crucial to look into each baby product and make sure that it doesn’t contain toxins that can harm your child.

To help you shop wisely for your baby, here’s a list of harmful chemicals that you need to avoid.

1. Talc

Talc powder is a common ingredient of many brands of baby powder, and while they smell and feel fresh, it’s actually an allergen that is known to irritate lungs when inhaled. The mineral talc has also been studied as a potential carcinogenic. Choose talc-free baby powder made of alternatives like corn starch, tapioca, and rice. 

2. Fragrance

Newborn babies smell delightful, so there’s no need to mask that natural scent with artificial fragrances! Aside from being unnecessary, fragrances can contain synthetic chemicals that are derived from harmful sources like coal and petroleum, which can cause skin, respiratory, and even neurological issues. Instead, always choose fragrance-free baby products!


BPA used to be a common chemical found in many plastic baby products like baby bottles, sippy cups, plastic feeding containers, and others before it was banned in 2012. Unfortunately, alternatives to BPA (BPS, BPE, BPF, etc.) are just as toxic and harmful. In order to totally avoid BPA and its alternatives, it’s best to choose products that are not made of plastic, such as stainless steel, hospital-grade silicone, and glass.

4. Parabens

Like BPA and its alternatives, parabens are also a common ingredient found in many baby and household products like shampoo, soaps, and body washes. But parabens are linked to hormonal, reproductive, and skin issues. In general, you need to stay away from any ingredient with “paraben” in its name, including alternate names like “methyl,” “butyl,” “propyl,” or “benzyl.”

5. Flame retardant

Another toxic substance to watch out for is the flame retardant, which can be found in baby products like bedding, pillows, mats, and even car seats. The issue with flame retardant is that it is linked to lower IQ, fertility issues, thyroid issues, ADD, and others. The best way to avoid this substance is to choose baby products that are made of 100% pure cotton.

6. Pthalates

Similar to BPA, pthalates are a toxic chemical that serves as a plastic softener and can be found in baby and lifestyle products like fragrances and personal care products. Pthalates are harmful as they are linked to developmental disorders, respiratory issues, and fertility issues. Again, go for fragrance-free baby products and avoid products with vinyl. As much as possible, buy baby toys that are made of cotton instead of plastic.

7. Mineral oil

Baby massage is a nice and beneficial part of your bedtime routine; however, you should also be careful with the kind of oil that you use on your baby. Mineral oil, which can be found in some baby oils, are a byproduct of petroleum and can cause skin irritation. Choose natural oils instead like coconut, olive, and sunflower.


Babies are sensitive and delicate, so much care and consideration should be given when choosing baby products and essentials. With this list of toxins and harmful chemicals to avoid, we hope you will have an easier time identifying the right products for your child.

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