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9 Basic Winter Baby Essentials to Keep Your Baby Warm

While lightweight cotton muslin blankets and clothing served your baby well during the warmer months, it’s time to keep them (temporarily) inside your closet when the temperature starts to drop. In the cooler months, it’s time to take out your heavier winter essentials to keep your baby snug and comfortable. 

Newborn babies are not that well-equipped to deal with temperature changes. Unlike us, they cannot regulate their body temperature and will need your help to adjust to the warmth and coolness around them with a few baby essentials.

And in the winter months, getting a few winter baby essentials is necessary to keep your little warm perfectly comfy. Here are 9 basic winter newborn essentials worth getting!

1. Thick socks and mittens 

Little fingers and toes can get easily cold during the winter months! Keep your newborn baby feeling comfortable by preparing a stash of socks and mittens. While you need to get thick socks and mittens, you don’t need to get expensive ones as your baby is likely to lose them.

(During the warmer months, though, avoid wearing mittens on your baby’s hands to encourage them to explore things by touching.)

2. Clothes for layering

Contrary to what you might have believed in, you don’t need to buy snowsuits and puffy jackets for your newborn baby. Aside from being uncomfortable, they can pose potential risks when your baby is seated in their carseat. 

Instead, stock on simple clothing — which includes onesies, footsies, leggings and warmer, etc. — that are made of fleece and other warmer material. Layer these winter newborn essentials on top of each other as the temperature calls for.

3. Sherpa baby blanket

Your cotton muslin blankets served you well during the warmer months, but now it’s time for the heavier blankets to take the spotlight. There are many kinds of baby blankets that are perfect for winter, and one of them is sherpa. Similar to wool or sheepskin, sherpa is soft and fluffy and will keep your baby feeling warm and wonderful.

4. Rib knitted blanket

Another kind of blanket that you can consider to combat the cold weather is the rib knitted baby blanket. It is made of high-quality polyester, which is helpful in keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature. And speaking of comfortable, rib knitted baby blankets are incredibly soft and feel luxurious against the skin.

5. Quilted comforter

Sometimes, the temperature drops too low and blankets are just not enough. In this case, it is helpful to have a few quilted comforters in rotation. Quilted comforters are thick and fluffy, and if you choose one that is made of cotton jersey, then you also get the benefit of drape and elasticity. This means it will drape your baby’s body perfectly for warmth and comfort.

6. Wearable blanket 

Wearable blankets are a baby staple all year round, but when winter comes, it’s time to replace your lightweight cotton wearables for ones that are made of thicker material like fleece or wool. Wearable blankets are essential because they keep your baby covered all the time no matter how much they move during the night. 

7. Baby carrier

While you can take your baby out on their stroller (with a winter-appropriate cover or one of the thick blankets described above), sometimes, nothing beats body warmth. Keep your baby feeling snug — and loved — with a baby carrier, such as a wrap, a ring sling, or a soft structured carrier. Read this for the things you should look for in a good carrier. 

8. Humidifier

The dry air of winter can dry up your baby’s nasal passages and airways, causing coughs, stuffy noses, and sore throats. In order to avoid this, it helps to use a humidifier, especially in the night as your baby sleeps. A good humidifier will add moisture to the air, helping prevent breathing issues for a much more comfortable bedtime. 

9. Moisturizer

Aside from airways and nasal passages, the cold winter air can also cause your baby’s sensitive to dry up! Dry skin can easily become irritated and can cause other issues like rashes and eczema. To prevent this, use rich but baby-friendly moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin supple. Put moisturizer on your baby’s skin when you massage them before bedtime. 

Winter months might be cold and dry, and it can be challenging for a newborn baby to adapt to the change because they cannot self-regulate their body temperature yet. But with a few basic winter baby essentials, helping your baby adjust to the cooler weather will be a breeze!

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