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6 Baby Essentials for Sensory Play and Development

There’s one thing that you should never neglect when it comes to the overall development of your baby, and it’s called sensory play. Sensory play refers to baby activities that are done for the purpose of stimulating your baby’s senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Why is it very crucial to stimulate these five senses? 

Senses are the ways your baby can perceive the world. With the exception of taste, smell, and touch, these senses can be fuzzy when your baby is born and, thus, need to be stimulated for them to develop.

Stimulating your baby’s senses results in numerous benefits. These benefits include brain development, motor skills development, and the growth of your baby’s understanding of the world. Plus, baby activities are often a great way to strengthen your bond with each other!

The good news is that you don’t have to buy expensive baby products to help stimulate your baby’s senses. You can use the baby products that you already have at home! Here’s a guide to help you identify these.

6 Baby Essentials for Sensory Play

1. Muslin

Your baby could already have several muslin blankets at home. But aside from keeping your baby warm during pleasant days, your baby’s muslin blanket is also an excellent baby product for sensory play. The soft and smooth texture of 100% cotton muslin feels — and tastes — soothing and, if your muslin has embroidered details, the interesting texture will stimulate both their visual and tactile senses. 

2. Winter Blanket

When the temperature drops and it turns chilly, you are bound to replace your lightweight muslin blankets with a heavier winter blanket. Take advantage of this weather by using a sherpa blanket with one fur side and one cotton side. The cotton side will be soothing, similar to a muslin blanket, and the fur side will be fuzzy and a delight to touch!

3. Musical Mobile

Develop your baby’s auditory and visual senses by placing a musical mobile in their nursery. Get one that plays classical music as it has been shown to help boost a baby’s mental development. It’s also helpful to choose bright and pleasant colors that are pleasing to their developing eyesight. 

For your baby’s safety, choose a musical mobile with short strings and soft hanging toys. 

4. Hooded Towel

Your baby is likely to be using a hooded towel during bath time, which is helpful not only in drying them and keeping them warm but also in stimulating their tactile sense. The interesting texture of the towel makes it fun to play with, especially if it has added details, like embroidered patterns or a muslin jacquard hood,.

5. Plush Toy

Every little baby needs a plush toy for a play buddy and cuddle companion! Your baby will likely hug, kiss, and even bite their plush toy so make sure you choose one with a 100% cotton shell, which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It’s even better if you can get a soft cotton plush toy with a jingling sound for your baby’s auditory senses. 

6. Knitted Rattle 

Finally, don’t forget about one of the baby essentials that your baby is probably grabbing on to all the time: the rattle! Rather than getting a plastic rattle, choose a soft knitted rattle that won’t hurt your baby. A knitted rattle will also have a nicely textured surface that your baby will love to touch. Plus, your baby will enjoy listening to the sound of the rattle. 

There are many benefits of sensory play, which is why it must be incorporated into your daily baby activities. The good news is that you don’t need to buy expensive baby products for this purpose; the baby essentials you already have at home are perfect for stimulating senses!

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