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9 Entertaining Baby Shower Game Ideas

Is a baby shower really a baby shower without lively party games? There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby than with laughter and excitement, and games pretty much take care of that. 

There are so many game ideas to choose from – from hilarious to serious and from easy to quite complex. We have gathered a few great ideas that will be a hit at your upcoming baby shower!

Baby Shower Essentials

Planning a baby shower for a wonderful mom-to-be? Before you set out to plan your games, briefly go over this checklist first to see if all the other elements of your baby shower has been taken care of. 

  •     Guests
  •     Location
  •     Theme
  •     Gift Registry
  •     Food
  •     Decorations 

If the expectant mom does not know or has not announced the baby’s gender yet, then it is very helpful to go for gender-neutral themes. If you’re organizing it, let the guests know about the baby shower being gender-neutral. Also encourage them to get gender-neutral baby shower gifts.

Now that you’re all set for the baby shower, let’s start going over brilliant game ideas!

9 Entertaining Baby Shower Games

We listed nine baby shower game ideas that are not only enjoyable but also wholesome and simple to set up. Don’t forget to prepare small prizes to make the games even more exciting! 

1.    Baby Guessing Game

What you need:

-       Baby photos

-       Pen and paper 

In the baby shower invitations, ask each guest to bring their own baby photo. Collect all of these photos, and once complete, post them on a wall or tack them to a prepared board with a label. Distribute paper and pens to the guests and let them guess who owns which baby photo.

2.    Nursery Rhyme Trivia

What you need:

-       Printed copies of nursery rhymes OR

-       Music player

-       Nursery rhymes (in a CD or saved in a USB flash drive)

-       Pen and paper

There are two ways to play this game. The first way is by printing copies of well-known nursery rhymes. You may either print a complete snippet and let the guests guess the title or take away a few lyrics and let the guests fill in the blanks.

A more interactive way to play this game is by using a music player or even a musical mobile. Play the nursery rhymes – whether you play the actual song or just the instrumental version is up to you – and let the guests guess the title. 

3.    Baby Food Game 

What you need:

-       Pureed baby food

-       Jars or containers

-       Pen and paper

Prepare several kinds of pureed food and put them in different containers without labels. You can puree potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and fruits like bananas and apples. There are also two ways to proceed with this game. First, you can let your guests smell each jar and then write their guesses. Second, you can blindfold your guests, have them taste each pureed food, and then let them guess what they just tasted.

4.    D-Date Guessing Game

What you need:

-       Pen and paper

This is a pretty straightforward game that requires virtually nothing but your guests and their gut instincts. Let them predict the baby’s birthday and ask them to write their guesses down on a specially prepared list. When the day comes and the baby finally arrives, check the list and see who has guessed the date correctly.   

5.    Blindfolded Diaper Changing Game

What you need:

-       Diapers

-       Baby dolls

-       Blindfolds

This is a classic game that is present in almost every baby shower! Depending on the number of players, you will need corresponding baby dolls and diapers. If you are planning on having three players, then prepare three baby dolls and three diapers, too. Each person gets a doll and a diaper. With blindfolds on, they must be able to place a diaper on their doll correctly and fast.

6.    Blindfolded Baby Swaddling Game

What you need:

-       Swaddle blankets

-       Baby dolls

-       Blindfolds

Similar to the previous game, this game requires remarkable parenting skills – or, at least, the will to learn. Each participant gets one doll and one swaddle blanket. Wearing blindfolds, each player must be able to swaddle their doll correctly. To test if the swaddling has been done properly, the blanket should not fall apart when the doll is carried or lifted. 

7.    Don’t Say Baby!

What you need:

-       Diaper pins

This is more of a challenge than a game. Upon the beginning of the baby shower, hand each guest a diaper pin and let them wear it. Now, throughout the duration of the party, no one must say the word “baby.” If someone catches another guest saying the forbidden word, then they may get the latter’s diaper pin. At the end of the party, the one with the most diaper pins wins! 

8.    The Price is Right

What you need:

-       Baby items

-       Labels or cards

Assemble different baby products on the table. They may range from baby necessities like baby wipes and diapers to bigger gear like rockers and strollers. On each item, tape a folded card (make sure the guests can’t see what’s written inside!) with the item’s price. Let the guests guess the price of each item, and unravel the prices once it’s been guessed or after no one has guessed it correctly. 

9.    Baby Time Capsule

What you need:

-       A medium-sized container

-       Items and trinkets from your guests 

Finally, this is not really a baby shower game but a baby shower activity that will make any expecting parent giddy. In the invitation, request each guest to bring a little trinket for the baby. 

It does not have to be a gift – in fact, they can bring something they personally own – but it does have to be special. These items go into a time capsule that the baby will open when they’re older. Whether you choose to have a specific theme for the time capsule or not is all up to you.


With baby shower games like these, the wonderful mom-to-be will definitely be looking forward to motherhood with a smile!

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