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9 Sweet and Darling Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Your friend or family member has just announced that she’s having a baby girl! This is, of course, an incredibly great news. A lot of things should be happening at this point: hugs, tears, good wishes… 

And maybe a few racing minds with this question: what’s the best gift to give at a baby shower for a baby girl?

Baby girls are a darling, but looking for the perfect baby gift for one can be a challenge. But don’t worry. We take the guesswork out of gift-picking and give you 9 perfect baby shower gifts for girls! 


The Perfect Gift for a Baby Girl


Previously, we made a list of gorgeous gender-neutral baby gifts to give at a baby shower. This time, it’s all about pinks and pastels as we list – and coo over – baby shower gifts for a baby girl!


So what makes a great baby girl gift? The first thing you need to consider is the item’s function. There are a lot of pretty trinkets begging to be bought, but are they functional? Will the baby and the family use the item, or is it destined to be a dust-collector on a shelf? You would not want to receive useless stuff, so don’t give those either.


And then you also need to make sure that the item you chose is made of high quality material. It’s much better if it also went through rigorous quality control methods. This way, you will be sure that your gift is long-lasting. Remember that a well-made product is a product that doesn’t break easily, reducing potential risks.


Finally, what good is a baby gift if it does not look gorgeous? It is practical to ask the baby’s parents about the nursery theme they are planning to have and choose a gift that fits into the theme. Otherwise, you may choose a gift that comes in tasteful colors that never go out of style!


Here are 9 charming baby shower gifts for baby girls!


9 Charming Baby Shower Gifts for Girls


1.    Baby Bento Gift Set - Ms. Rory Puppy


Living Textiles offers a gift set that takes care of a baby’s need to play and their need to rest. Aptly called Baby Bento Gift Set, it includes 2 muslin cotton swaddle blankets and the most adorable plush toy. Both elements are made of high-quality cotton, which soften with every wash.


The Baby Bento Gift Set - Ms. Rory Puppy is an ideal gift for a baby girl. It includes 2 pink-and-white muslin blankets: one in stripe and one with a heart pattern. It also features a mini version of Living Textiles’ Ms. Rory Puppy plush toy that any baby girl will definitely fall in love with!


2.    Kenzie Unicorn Plush Toy


Baby girls love their Kenzie Unicorn plush toy! Kenzie is made of 100% premium cotton and is as soft and cuddly as clouds. Her expressive face will come as a delight to babies and parents alike.


But Kenzie Unicorn is not just good for playing with. The plush toy has a knitted surface, which stimulates a newborn baby’s tactile sense. On top of her head is a gold unicorn horn with textured details. Finally, it comes in a combination of white, pink and grey that works every time.


3.    Amy Mermaid Knitted Rattle


Every baby needs a rattle, but not all rattles are made equal. If you are looking for a gift for a newborn baby, a soft knitted rattle is better than a hard plastic one, which can harm a baby if It accidentally falls on them.


If you are looking for a soft knitted rattle that also looks pretty, then your search ends with Amy Mermaid knitted rattle. Knitted from 100% premium cotton, it comes with a charming face that a baby girl will take delight in. You can also buy it together with its Amy Mermaid plush toy counterpart!


4.    Mazie Musical Mobile


A good musical mobile is a true baby essential. The mobile, as well as its detachable hanging toys, will keep a baby enthralled and entertained. And then when it’s time to sleep, its soothing melodies will make a baby feel calmer.


The Lolli Living Mazie musical mobile fulfills the aforementioned roles well. Made of sturdy plastic and cotton, the Mazie musical mobile has the cutest hanging toys that a baby will love to play with. It also plays 12 comforting lullabies like Brahms’ Lullaby and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


5.    Pink Love Decorative Cushion


One of the most exciting things that come with having a newborn baby is getting to decorate the baby’s nursery. Take part in this excitement by giving the new baby – and parents – a piece of nursery décor!


A cushion is a great addition to a baby girl’s nursery. The Living Textiles Pink Love cushion is a decorative accent piece with a minimalist design. It comes in a sweet white-and-pink color combination with embroidered lettering and pompom details. It is made of 100% cotton, too!


6.   Grey Stars Muslin Wearable Blanket


A baby needs a blanket, and while loose muslin blankets are a baby must-have, a wearable blanket is also a baby essential. Living Textiles wearable blankets are made of 100% high-quality cotton. They come with four click-together buttons on each side, keeping a newborn baby comfortably secure.


The Grey Stars muslin wearable blanket is an adorable baby gift idea. Because it is made of premium cotton, the already ultra-soft blanket softens even more with every wash! It also comes in a pleasant pastel grey color.

baby shower gifts for girls

7.    Metallic Hearts Jersey Comforter


Help the new baby girl sleep more comfortably and restfully with an ultra-soft comforter! While summer nights call for muslin blankets that are lightweight and breathable, a thick but cozy comforter is the answer when the temperatures start to drop.


The Living Textiles Pink Comforter with Metallic Hearts is made of high-quality cotton jersey material. It comes in a lovely pastel pink hue with a sprinkling of rose gold metallic hearts. This comforter is soft as clouds and pretty as a dream!


8.    Pink Chevron Chenille Blanket

baby shower gifts for girls

It’s hard not to fall in love with a good chenille blanket. Chenille blankets are incredibly soft and cozy, making them perfect for long hours of sleep (or cuddling). They also have an interesting texture to them that stimulates a newborn baby’s tactile senses.


This Pink Chevron chenille blanket comes with a fresh chevron print in a muted pastel pink color. With its classic style, it will definitely look great with any baby girl’s nursery!


9.    4-Pc Mazie Crib Bedding Set

baby shower gifts for girls

Finally, give the baby girl the gift of an amazing sleep with a beautiful and comfortable crib bedding set. Since a newborn baby spends a big part of their day sleeping, a crib bedding set will make for a truly thoughtful gift.


The Lolli Living Mazie Crib Bedding Set is a set of four that includes 2 fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt. It comes in gorgeous dusty pinks and pastel blues that will give any baby nursery a calm and serene feel.  


With these 9 baby shower gifts for girls, you’re off to celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl in style! Are you ready to shop for baby shower gifts? Click here!

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