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Baby Memory Box, Baby Keepsakes, and Other Ways to Preserve Memories

Time seems to go so slowly when you have a newborn baby. The day begins when the sun has not even started to rise yet, and you feel like the day just never ends.

A night of straight sleep is something from the distant past, and while everyone tells you to take a nap while the baby sleeps, you can’t because there’s something else more important to do at home. 

But when you’re done with the newborn stage, you will realize (we promise you will) that the time has actually flown. Now you don’t have a newborn baby anymore! What’s in front of you is almost a toddler! Where has the time gone?

It’s true what they say about raising children. The days seem long but the years are short. Having a newborn baby is a lot of challenge, and it’s undeniably tiring and, at time, incredibly frustrating. But your child is a newborn baby only once; blink twice and they no longer fit into the crook of your arms. 

How do you cherish those moments?

It’s hard to cherish the day when you haven’t eaten a complete meal yet and barely slept a wink. And let’s face it, it can be hard to cherish your newborn baby when they have been crying nonstop and you have done everything.

But take it from the other moms who regret not preserving their baby’s memories. Children grow up so fast and you will – eventually – find yourself longing for those days when they were still very little. So document the newborn days. Take a lot of pictures! And when nostalgia strikes, you’ll have something tangible to hold on to.

7 Gorgeous Ways to Preserve Baby’s Memories

1.    Baby Memory Box

Via Etsy

Your baby has a favorite toy and a favorite blanket now, but sooner or later, they will outgrow these favorite things. A baby memory box is a sweet way to preserve these favorite things, so that when your baby has grown up, they can look back and see what they used to love.

You don’t need to buy a specially made baby box from stores. You can use just about any box. Inside, put your baby’s favorite outfit, their favorite toy, their favorite books, their favorite blanket, some photos, and then more baby keepsakes. A letter from you will add a nice touch, too!

2.    Baby Memory Book

Via Pinterest

If you prefer giving away your baby’s outgrown stuff, or if you find a baby memory box bulky, then create a baby memory book! You don’t need to keep your baby’s physical things. Instead, you can take photos of all their favorite things – and favorite days – and document them in a book.

You can make a scrapbook with crafty details, or you can have your baby memory book printed. What’s great about having a memory book is that you can easily insert anything you want: from sonograms to ID bracelets, and from the pictures of your baby’s first meal to the pictures of their first holiday.  

3.    Personalized Baby Blanket with Your Baby’s Name

Via Living Textiles

Personalized baby blankets make for great baby keepsakes! You can have a bespoke baby blanket specially made for your baby. Another option is to get any high-quality baby blanket and have your baby’s name knitted or embroidered on it. You don’t even have to buy a new one – their favorite blanket will do!

The nice thing about baby blankets is that they don’t have to remain as baby blankets. When your baby has outgrown them, you can reuse the baby blanket as a table cover, a décor or accent piece, or, in the case of chenille baby blankets or sherpa-lined ones, a play mat.  

4.    Personalized Quilt from Your Baby’s Clothes

Via Living Textiles

There is also a way to preserve your baby’s favorite clothes even if they cannot wear them anymore! If you are not planning to give away these away and prefer to keep them for sentimental reasons, have a personalized quilt made from the baby clothes. 

A quilt takes much less closet space than a pile of baby clothes. One look at this quilt and you will definitely find yourself on a cruise down memory lane. Also, there are a few things in this world that are more charming than a personalized quilt from your baby’s clothes!

5.    Stuffed Animal from Your Baby’s Blanket

Via Living Textiles

While we are on the topic of repurposing baby stuff into something that can be used again, consider turning your baby’s blanket into a stuffed animal. Again, to keep the memento genuine, avoid buying a new blanket. Choose your baby’s first or favorite blanket, no matter how ratty!

You baby may outgrow their favorite blankie fast, but a stuffed animal has a much longer shelf life. A stuffed animal, especially one that is nostalgic, can stay with your child for years. It can even become a family heirloom piece if what you have is a tough, durable blanket!

6.    Ornaments from Your Baby’s Hand and Footprint 

Via Pinterest

It’s hard to imagine something more precious than a newborn baby’s tiny fingers and toes. Your baby will never be this small again, so preserve the memory by making an ornament with your baby’s handprint and/or footprint. It will make you realize just how fast they grow up!

You can make your own salt dough, or you can buy a ready-to-use imprinting kit for this purpose. Just make sure that whatever you use is hypoallergenic and non-toxic for babies. You can hang the ornaments at home, and you can even use them for your Christmas tree during the holidays. 

7.    A Blog

If you love to write, then the best way to preserve your baby’s memories is by writing a blog. You can blog for free using different platforms, or you can get your own domain to have more control over it. Document your baby’s firsts, post pictures and videos, and write about your family’s journey. 

There’s virtually no limit to what you can do if you have a blog. You can write about anything, whether deep or mundane, special or ordinary, serious or funny! When your baby is old enough, show them your blog and let them have a grand time reading their story.


There are so many ways to show your child how much you love them, and one of these ways is by preserving their memories.

Featured image by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
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