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6 Easy Baby Laundry Hacks and Other Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood! There will be sleepless nights, unforgettable firsts, and memories that just have to go into the baby book.

And there will be loads of baby laundry that never seem to end.

Experienced parents usually know what they are in for, but if you are a first-time parent, you may be in for a huge surprise! Who knew such tiny clothing and delicate muslins demanded so many hours in the laundry room? 

Because even when they’re small, your baby’s days will be filled with outfit changes and unexpected events like milk spit-ups, leaks, and the inevitable diaper blowouts. What can we do? The reality of parenting — especially with a newborn baby — isn’t pristine white after all! So expect your washing machine to be running all the time...

But don’t worry! The task of washing baby clothes, baby blankets, and other baby essentials can be a lot less grueling with helpful laundry hacks and tips. There are many ways to tackle baby laundry more efficiently, saving you time, money, and energy.

6 Easy Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

1. Use stain removers.

Stain removers are a lifesaver for many new parents! When you’re on the go, it’s very helpful to have a spot or stain remover pen with you. Once your baby spits or drools or drops anything onto their clothes, whip out your stain remover and start working on the stain before it fully setting into the material. 

In a pinch, during those inopportune times that you don’t have your magic pen, you may also use baby wipes for removing stains. While your stain remover and your baby wipes may not fully remove a stain, it helps tremendously in keeping bigger, deeper stains at bay. And when it’s time to wash your baby’s clothes, you only need to attack what remains of the stain!

2. Pre-treat all stains.

The washing machine is a fantastic invention, but it does not effectively remove all stains. This means that it is still necessary to pre-treat all stains! Whatever stain your baby’s clothes get, the best way to keep them as clean as possible is to pre-treat the stains before you throw them into the washing machine. 

Pre-treating stains is easy. You only need to rub a pre-treating solution onto the stain to keep it from fully developing. The best part is that you don’t really need to buy a solution. You can just make your own using one tablespoon of dish soap, two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and one tablespoon of baking soda. 

3. Soak soiled clothing and diapers as soon as the blowouts happen.

Aside from wiping a fresh stain off with a stain remover or a baby wipe or rubbing it with a pre-treating solution, it is also crucial to soak soiled clothing immediately in a bucket of water. A mixture of both water and baby detergent softens the stain and is very effective in cleaning baby clothes even before you switch the washing machine on!

4. Choose unscented, baby-friendly laundry products.

Whatever your preferred washing method is, always choose baby-friendly laundry products that are free of potential irritants like harsh chemicals and strong synthetic fragrances. Remember that you are washing baby essentials — baby clothes and baby blankets — that directly touch your baby’s sensitive skin, so choose especially made soap for baby clothes.

How do you choose soap for baby clothes? Look for scent-free options that contain no added fragrance. It is also helpful to choose detergents with plant-derived or natural surfactants and cleaners. Fortunately, there are many detergent brands in the market that are especially made for babies, but even when you use these, don’t forget to rinse really well to make sure all your baby stuff are free from soap residue.

5. Snap all buttons, knot all ties, and fasten all Velcros before you launder.

More than baby towels and baby blankets, you will be washing multiple loads of baby clothes in a day. And you may also find out soon enough that many of your baby’s clothing come with easy access to fit over their heads. This means that they will come with buttons, snaps, ties, Velcros, and other types of fasteners. 

If you want to avoid tangling, bunching, and knotting, the wise thing to do is to fasten all the fasteners. Button all buttons, snap all snaps, and tie all ties. Doing this will also help keep your baby’s clothing in shape as it will minimize the ripping of clothes. 

6. Stick to the basics.

Finally, to keep your baby laundry to a minimum, avoid buying too much stuff! It is still best to choose a few high-quality baby essentials that are durable and long-lasting. Aside from keeping your laundry load to a minimum (at best!), clothes, blankets, and towels that are made of premium material withstand washing without losing quality.

And don’t forget, baby essentials that are made of pure cotton become softer with every wash!

It is true that doing your baby’s laundry is one of the tasks that you need to be prepared for when becoming a parent. But with the right tips and tricks, washing baby clothes can be a breeze!

Featured image by Philippe Jausions on Unsplash
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