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Your Ultimate Newborn Baby Essentials Shopping Guide

There’s a baby on the way and there is just so much to do! After naming your baby and preparing a room for your baby’s nursery, you may find that there are still a lot of preparations to take care of – and a lot of baby stuff you still need to buy. 

When you are bombarded with advertisements for unnecessary items masquerading as newborn baby essentials, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you think that you do not really need all these products for your baby – guess what – you’re right!

Your Newborn Baby’s Needs

Your newborn baby may have a lot of needs, but it does not mean that they will get it from things. In fact, your baby only needs to be fed, to feel safe and comfortable, and to feel loved, most of which they already get from you.

On the contrary, surrounding your baby with too many things rarely has a positive impact. Too much stimulation will make them fussy, and you don’t really want to allocate precious space for something your baby won’t use.

But what are these baby essentials and how do you separate the baby products you need from the ones you probably don’t? Here’s a list to help you.


  • Cotton onesies or shirts or vests – Get one or two each and find out which your baby prefers and which is more convenient for you. 
  • Cotton pajamas
  • A couple of going-out outfits
  • Socks – Your baby will only need shoes when they are beginning to walk.
  • Bonnets
  • A pair or two of mittens
  • A jacket or two – The material will depend on whether your baby is a summer baby or a winter baby. 


Health and Hygiene

  • A steady supply of disposable diapers or a stock of cloth diapers
  • Diaper cream
  • Unscented baby wipes or cotton balls/pads or washcloths
  • Thermometer


  • Bath tub
  • Baby soap and/or baby shampoo
  • A baby hooded towel or two – A cotton baby hooded towel is softer and more absorbent.
  • Baby nail scissors 


  • Crib – You may get a portacrib for convenience.
  • Changing table
  • Dresser and/or shelves – You may also get a baby dresser with a changing table on top.
  • Play mat – Get a soft play mat for your newborn baby’s tummy time.


  • Breastfeeding (Pumping)
    • Breast pump
    • Storage bags or bottles
  • Bottle-feeding
    • Baby bottles
    • Bottle brush and nipple brush


  • One plush toy – A knitted plush toy is better as it is soft and cuddly and gentle enough for a newborn baby’s skin.
  • One soft rattle – For your newborn baby, choose soft toys over hard toys. 

Other Gear

  •     Car seat
  •     Stroller or sling or carrier
  •     Diaper bag

The Importance of Starting Small 

There are many baby shopping lists that you can find online that lists at least 50 baby products. While you are free to buy whatever catches your fancy, it is a wiser move to only buy the essentials that your baby will actually use. This will save you money as well as space in your nursery. It reduces overstimulation and clutter, too!

Going back to the list, you might have noticed that, for most, we did not provide a definite number of items that you need to buy. This is because newborn babies outgrow their things, especially their clothes, at an amazingly quick rate. The clothes that fit your newborn baby now may not fit them anymore in a couple of weeks!

Also, every baby is different, so it is smarter to begin with a humble supply and add to it only if you really need to. Buying a dozen onesies only to find out that your baby prefers vests is not practical. Give yourself space to adjust to your newborn baby’s preferences – and your own partialities – by not buying a lot.

Start with a small supply of baby essentials and gradually add more to it as needed. This way, you are building your very own arsenal of baby must-haves that fit your family’s lifestyle, leaving no room for the unnecessary. 

Featured image by Rene Asmussen from Pexels
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