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9 of the Best Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Congratulations on having a little boy! You’re off to a lifetime of thrills and adventure. But the fun begins with the first party your boy will ever have: the baby shower! If you are looking for the best baby shower themes for boys, don’t worry; we have you covered!

If you prefer the traditional type of baby showers, we have classic and timeless themes included in our list. On the other hand, if you want to try something different, we also have trendy baby shower themes for boys. Whatever your preference is, you will definitely find something you will love from these cute baby shower themes. 

(If you are looking for gender-neutral baby shower theme, check out this list.)

9 of the Best Baby Boy Themes to Choose From

1. Safari

It’s going to be a fun and exciting baby shower if you choose a safari theme! Choose earth colors like brown and combine them with bright colors like orange and teal. You can fill the place with savannah animals like lions, zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Make one of the animals — like Austin Lion — the highlight of your party!

2. Dinosaurs

Take a trip back to the past and organize a roar-some dinosaur-themed baby shower for your little boy. Use dinosaur toys like Taylor T-Rex and Shiloh Stegosaurus as decor (which also double as gifts for the baby).

3. Prince

Next, another one of the best baby boy themes you can use is the classic and timeless prince theme! Treat your new baby like royalty by welcoming him with princely decor like crowns, swords, and majestic horses. 

4. Fox

If you want something different, a baby shower theme that you can try is foxes and woodland animals. Incorporate other details like trees, bushes, and other whimsical animals like owls. Don’t forget to make Charley Fox the star of your bash!

5. Cars and Trains

Is there anything more quintessentially boy than a set wheels? Create a playful and boyish baby shower by using cars and trains as your main theme. You can also add other forms of transportation like buses and diggers. Basically, anything that has wheels belongs here! 

6. Air Travel

If you want a transportation-themed baby shower but want to try something new, then why don’t you try putting together an air travel-themed one? With this theme, you can explore the sky with anything that flies, such as airplanes and hot air balloons. 

7. Outer Space

Another one of the cute baby shower themes that you can use is outer space! Use planets, asteroids and meteors as accents to the party. You can also add star-themed decorations like this star garland to make the baby shower as adorable as possible. Complete the look with a rocket ship that’s ready to launch!

8. Little Sir

Celebrate the arrival of your baby boy with a little sir-themed baby shower! Quirky and modern, you can create this theme by using boyish elements like mustaches, top hats, and suspenders. For colors and details, use shades of blue and bold patterns like chevron

9. Sports

Finally, whether you are athletes or fans of ball games, then the best kind of baby shower for your boy could be a sports-themed one! Choose one kind of sports and then work from there. For example, if you choose baseball, then use baseballs, baseball bats, gloves, and jerseys as your decor. 

There are so many ways to celebrate the arrival of your new baby, and one of them is by putting together the perfect baby shower. We hope our list helped you decide on the best baby shower theme for your family!

Featured image by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash
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