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9 of the Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls

It’s very exciting to plan a baby shower! If you are having a baby girl, you will soon find out that there are so many gorgeous baby shower themes to choose from. In fact, it can be difficult to choose among them! So what we did is narrow down the best themes for to help you decide. 

Some of these baby girl themes are traditional, while some are trendy. Whatever your preferences are — whether you like pinks and princesses or something more classic and modern — you will find something you will love from our list of cute baby shower themes!

(By the way, if you prefer to have a gender-neutral baby shower theme, check out this list.)

9 Baby Girl Themes for Your Baby Shower

1. Unicorn

Is there any animal — make-believe or not — that is fancier than the unicorn? A unicorn-themed baby shower will often use a pink and white color scheme, but you are free to make some adjustments if you are not so fond of these hues. Don’t forget to use Kenzie Unicorn as decor which also doubles as a gift for baby!

2. Pink Elephant

Another animal that is in the running to be the most adorable baby shower star is the elephant! You can actually go for the classic grey and white elephant theme like Theodore Elephant. But you can make it more girly by featuring a pink elephant like Amelia Elephant!

3. Mermaid

Under the sea is not only a catchy song but also an adorable baby shower theme for your baby girl! You can incorporate fun details like seashells, fish, seahorses, even sandcastles. Of course, the spotlight belongs to playful mermaids like Amy Mermaid

4. Ballerina

It’s never too early to expose your baby to the arts! With a ballerina-themed baby shower, you get a perfect mix of classy and girly. You can definitely go the sweet route, with pinks and creams, and puffy tulle, or you can go the glamorous route and use gold and lots of glitter. Emma Ballerina would be perfect for either choice!

5. Whimsical Forest

Create a fantasy world by putting together a whimsical forest-themed baby shower for your little girl! This theme is also perfect if you are aiming for an animal-themed party that is different from the usual jungle themes. With a whimsical forest, you can use birds, owls, foxes, and other woodland creatures. You can even add fairies to make it fancier!

6. Princess

Would this list of baby shower themes for girls be complete without the quintessential princess theme? Use ball gowns, ribbons, crowns, and jewels as pieces of decoration for your baby bash. Again, you can go all girly and use shades of pink, or you can use just about any kind of color scheme that you love!

7. Spring Flowers

One of the best baby girl themes that you can also use is the classic floral theme. Go crazy with the flowers here! For a spring floral themed baby shower, you can use bright colors like peach, yellow, vivid pink, pale blue, and green. 

8. Tea Party

Another idea that you can use for your baby girl’s baby shower is a tea party! Use classy teapots and teacups and lots of different kinds of tea for your guests. If you want to add quirk to your party, you can even have a mad hatter present!

9. Vintage Chic

Finally, if what you have in mind is a baby shower that is elegant and timeless, then a vintage chic theme is the best choice. The beauty of this theme lies in the intricate details. For example, for a vintage rustic feel, you can use huge blooms, ornate frames, decorated serving dishes, and more. 

With all the choices out there, it can be overwhelming to choose which among the cute baby shower themes out there works best for your family. We hope our narrowed-down list has made the decision-making a little bit easier! 

Featured image by Paola Vasquez from Pexels
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