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Explore the African Wildlife With The Lolli Living Safari Collection

We create products in the hope that they will not only look attractive but also bring you and your family closer. We are very excited to introduce Lolli Living’s latest collection, Safari. This collection will take you and your baby on an exhilarating adventure to see the wonders of the African savannah. 

What is Safari?

Safari is one of our newest collections of baby products under the Lolli Living brand. We create our products for the modern family. This family values togetherness and spends a lot of time with each other. 

We are confident that you are going to love Safari! It will take you and the entire family on a learning-filled trip to know more about animals. The collection features the four superstars of the African savannah: the zebra, the giraffe, the elephant, and the lion. It’s going to be a fantastic adventure!

As with every product under the Lolli Living brand, we aim to create this collection to give your baby the best start in life. We want Safari to help your child know more about the world she lives in. On the other hand, we also want you to enjoy the fun and light vibe that the collection brings. 

Safari: Safe, Sturdy, and Summer-Friendly

Living Textiles Co puts a premium on making safe and high quality baby products. Anything less simply won’t do. This high standard applies to all our brands, including Lolli Living.

All our baby and lifestyle products are made of 100% pure cotton. It is premium quality cotton that makes our products – from blankets to knitted toys – ultra-soft and safe to use. Cotton is a natural fabric and is one of the safest materials around, making it ideal even for newborn babies.

Cotton is also lightweight and breathable. It is absorbent and wicks away sweat from baby’s skin, which makes it perfect for any weather. Cotton products are also durable. They can endure heavy use and regular wash, and you can use it for many years to come.

We hold ourselves to this standard, making sure that every Living Textiles product is well-made, safe, and sturdy. The Safari collection is no different.

The Collection

The Safari collection includes a four-piece crib bedding set, a crib fitted sheet, a baby blanket, a musical mobile, and a knitted plush toy.

We offer two designs for this collection. The first design is the collection’s namesake, “Safari.” It features animatedly drawn illustrations of the savannah superstars. Using a lively palette of orange, blue, and grey, this design is eye-catching. 

We call the second design “Animal Crackers.” It is a quirky chevron print on a classic grey background. Cleverly hidden between the prints are animal cracker drawings. This design is subtler but very versatile.

Our baby blanket, musical mobile, and knitted plush toy come in the Safari design. On the other hand, our crib fitted sheets come in both the Safari and Animal Crackers designs. Lastly, our four-piece crib bedding set comes in the Safari design with Animal Crackers details. 

  1. Four-Piece Crib Bedding Set

The Safari four-piece crib bedding set is the perfect starter piece for your animal-themed baby nursery. It comes with two fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt. It’s also a great baby gift to give at an upcoming baby shower!

All the pieces in this set are made of 100% high-quality cotton. They are all ultra-soft and breathable and safe for little babies. They are a perfect fit with the entire Safari collection, but you can also mix and match them with items from other collections.  

  1. Crib Fitted Sheet

These crib fitted sheets should be on top of your list of baby essentials! It comes in the two designs available for the Safari collection. You can choose either of the two, or you can also choose both! Both of these fit the rest of the collection really well.

They are made of 100% high quality cotton. They are perfect for your baby’s delicate skin and are ideal to use even during warmer weather. They are made to fit all standard-size crib mattresses. Other features include a full elastic and extra-deep corners for an even better fit. 

  1. Baby Blanket

Your baby needs a baby blanket, but not all baby blankets are made the same. The Safari baby blanket features the collection’s trademark lively design. But aside from its appealing looks, it is also truly nifty. You can use it as a receiving blanket, a baby swaddle, a stroller cover, and even as a play mat.

Since it is made of 100% cotton, this baby blanket is lightweight and breathable. It wicks away moisture, which helps prevent your baby from getting soaked in sweat. Aside from the cotton side, it also comes with a fleece side that you can use in cooler weather.

  1. Musical Mobile

A musical mobile is a wonderful addition to any baby nursery. It inspires your baby’s creativity and can be a tool for endless hours of imaginative play. Our Safari musical mobile has a sturdy plastic frame covered with cotton. It also features a plush giraffe, zebra, elephant, and lion – your baby’s trekking pals! 

When it’s time to wind down and take a nap, this musical mobile plays a wonderful Brahms’ lullaby. It will soothe your baby and lull her to a nice, dream-filled sleep. 

  1. Knitted Plush Toy

Finally, the Lolli Living Safari collection also offers an adorable knitted plush toy. Whether it’s for snuggling or active play, this plush giraffe will be a delight to your baby. It is made with delicate knitting, intricate details, and an ultra-soft body. 

This plush is toy is ideal for babies of all ages because it is made of 100% high quality cotton. It is great for cuddle time with your newborn baby. And when she gets a bit older, it will still be the perfect companion for her adventures. 

You and your child will absolutely adore the Safari collection. If you are ready to go baby shopping, start here!

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