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With Lolli Living's Mazie Collection, Every Day is a Lovely Spring Day

Lolli Living's new collection will inspire you and bring you to a never ending spring! Mazie will take you back to beautiful, idyllic days in the countryside. The collection has a nostalgic feel to it. It will remind you of a lovely spring morning with flowers in full bloom and birds chirping. 

What is Mazie?

Mazie is one of our newest collections of baby products under the Lolli Living brand. Made thoughtfully with the modern family in mind, we are certain you and your baby are going to love Mazie!

The collection is full of delightful accents of blooming flowers and lively birds. A tasteful palette of dusty pink, pastel grey, and serene blue pulls together the collection's look. Mazie is, indeed, the definition of charming.

Living true to the Loll Living brand, Mazie is quirky and whimsical. But it is also romantic and sentimental. Every product is made with the goal of evoking positive emotions and hopeful sentiments. With this, Mazie is going to be the modern parent's oasis in the middle of a busy day. 

But appearances aside, what makes Mazie a good fit for your baby?

Superior Quality, Fine Craftsmanship

Here at Living Textiles Co, we put a premium on making baby products that are safe and of high quality. The same standard is given to all our brands, which includes Lolli Living.

Every item we make is made of 100% pure cotton and nothing less. Premium quality cotton makes our blankets, sheets, and toys even softer and more comfortable to use. Aside from that, cotton is a natural fabric and is very safe for babies. 

It is also lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for any weather. Finally, cotton products are durable; you can use it for many, many years to come. Truly, they give you the most value for your money.

We are proud to say that we spared no effort in making sure that our products are the best for your baby. We can say the same for the Maizie collection.

The Collection

four-piece crib bedding set, a crib fitted sheet, a baby blanket, a musical mobile, and a knitted plush toy

The Mazie collection offers the following products: a four-piece crib bedding set, a crib fitted sheet, a baby blanket, a musical mobile, and a knitted plush toy. 

There are two designs available for this collection. The first design is Mazie, which comes in the collection’s trademark floral print. It features quirky illustrations of flowers in hues of blue and pink, and in between them are sprightly birds. 

The second design is the more understated Pink Vines. It is a versatile design, featuring faintly drawn white vines on a light pink background. 

Our baby blanket, musical mobile, and knitted plush toy come in the Mazie design. Our crib fitted sheets, on the other hand, come in both the Mazie and the Pink Vines design. Meanwhile, our four-piece crib bedding set comes in the Mazie design but has Pink Vines details.  


1. Four-Piece Crib Bedding Set

The Mazie collection’s four-piece crib bedding set is a delightful starter piece for your baby’s nursery. Shades of blue and pink and grey work perfectly if you are thinking of setting up a feminine nursery. They will surely please you and your little one! 

With two fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt, this set is the perfect baby gift, too. Every item, all made of high quality cotton, matches all the elements perfectly. Then again, you can also mix and match Mazie pieces with items from our other collections to customize your baby’s nursery.  

2. Crib Fitted Sheet

Our crib fitted sheets come in both the Mazie and the Pink Vines designs. Because they both complement the entire collection, you may certainly get either of the two – or both! The two work flawlessly in bringing a complete, feminine look to your nursery. 

These crib fitted sheets are made of only 100% high quality cotton. Because newborn babies have particularly delicate skin, they need products that are safe and hypoallergenic. We are happy to say that our sheets fulfill these requirements.

They are also fully elasticized, come with extra deep corners, and fit all standard-size crib mattresses. These three factors work together in making sure the sheets fit your crib perfectly.  

3. Baby Blanket

The Mazie baby blanket features the Mazie print. Because it is made of 100% pure cotton, this blanket is lightweight and breathable and ideal for any weather. Our blankets are also versatile. You can use them as a receiving blanket, a baby swaddle, and, later on, a play mat. The possibilities are endless! They truly are a baby essential. 

Our blankets are incredibly soft. As if this is not enough, they soften even more with every wash, too. The Mazie blanket also comes with a plush lining, ensuring that your baby is at her most comfortable.


4. Musical Mobile

Is any baby nursery complete without a musical mobile? The Mazie musical mobile is made of a sturdy plastic frame that is covered in cotton. It comes with four plush birds and blue plush flowers, which are also made of high quality cotton. These will stimulate your baby and inspire her imagination. 

And when it’s time for her to take a nap, this musical mobile can soothe her, too. It plays a dreamy Brahm’s melody, which will lull your baby into a peaceful sleep. 

5. Knitted Plush Toy

Lolli Living Knitted plush toy with Mazie Design

This collection also comes with a baby toy! The Mazie collection’s knitted plush toy is a pink plush bird that your baby will take delight in. Because of its expressive face and charming character, it can be your baby’s complete companion – whether it is for active imaginative play or quiet snuggles.  

Unlike plastic and battery-operated baby toys, our knitted plush toys can be used by babies of all ages. They are made of cotton, which is safe even for little newborn babies. 

With the Lolli Living Mazie collection, you are not only surrounding your little one in beauty but also giving her the best start in life. If you are ready to begin baby shopping, start here!

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