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Introducing Lolli by Lolli Living: The Perfect Balance Between Quality and Value

Here at Living Textiles Co, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Our original brand, Living Textiles, offers timeless baby essentials. Because all of our products are made of 100% cotton, these are products that will stand the test of time.

And then we have Lolli Living. We made Lolli Living products for the modern family with a penchant for quirky and whimsical. Also made of premium cotton, this brand’s trademark is its creative colors and patterns. 

Our goal is to bring the best to every family. We want to create beautiful high quality products that everyone can afford. With this goal in mind, we are very excited to introduce our newest brand: Lolli by Lolli Living.

Lolli by Lolli Living

Every parent wants the best for their children. With Lolli by Lolli Living, premium quality is now within everyone's reach! 

It was not an easy feat. It took us a long time to balance quality and value without compromising beauty. And we did it. These baby products are made of 100% cotton, thoughtfully designed and crafted, and available for a lower price point. 

We hear you. Can you really get premium but affordable products? Is it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds? Lolli by Lolli Living makes this possible, easy, and uncomplicated for you. 

There are three collections under the Lolli by Lolli Living brand to fit every taste. These are Primrose, Bailey Elephant, and Dino Land.

Primrose Collection

Lolli Living

The Primrose Collection features pinks and floral prints that are done in a playful way. The flowers are not overpowering; instead, they are fun and vibrant. If you are planning on putting together a feminine nursery for your little one, you need to check this collection out! 

1. Four-Piece Bedding Set ($119.99)

Lolli Living

If you have yet to start working on your nursery, we highly recommend getting a four-piece bedding set. The Primrose set includes a quilt, two fitted sheets, and a dust ruffle and features floral and charming prints. All made of 100% cotton, these elements work together in giving it a fun, bright vibe.

2. Stroller Blanket with Sherpa ($19.99)

Lolli Living

Don’t let the heat of the summer sun put a damper on your leisurely stroll. Made of premium cotton percale, this blanket is perfect for any weather – sunny days included.

There are two pretty designs available for the Primrose collection. One features a delicate pattern of white hearts over a dainty pink background. The other is a lively floral design in hues of peach, teal, and classic grey.   

3. Musical Mobile ($49.99)

Lolli Living

Musical mobiles are the perfect baby gift! Our Primrose musical mobile is both fun and feminine. It has a sturdy plastic frame that is covered in pink cotton, and hanging from it are lovely plush flowers in yellow and pink. It also plays a soothing Brahms’ lullaby that will lull your baby into sleep. 

4. Embroidered Quilt ($68.99)

The Primrose embroidered quilt is not only lovely to look at but also versatile. It comes in the same pretty floral design as the other items in this collection, matching your Primrose bedding really well. 

You can also use it as a decoration as you can hang it on your wall because it comes with a rod pocket. Whichever you prefer, the embroidered quilt will certainly add character to your nursery.

5. Quilted Comforter ($49.99)

Lolli Living

To keep your baby snug and warm while she sleeps, we made this quilted comforter. Still made of 100% premium cotton, this comforter is breathable, cozy, and ultra-soft. 

With the Primrose comforter, you get two designs in one product. On one side is the collection’s trademark floral print, and on the other side is the dainty heart pattern. Just switch the sides to change your crib bedding’s look!

6. Fitted Sheet ($14.99)


No nursery is complete without pretty crib fitted sheets! You can choose between the two charming designs available for the Primrose collection. Or you can get both! Both the fun floral print and the delicate heart pattern match the rest of the collection flawlessly.

These are, of course, made of 100% high quality cotton. The result is a lightweight, breathable sheet that will help your baby sleep comfortably through the night.

Bailey Elephant Collection

Lolli Living

If you are looking for something that is more gender-neutral, the Bailey Elephant collection is the answer. This collection gives us a mix of our well-loved classic grey and adorable elephants. Who says that gender-neutral is bland and boring? Our collection begs to disagree!

1. Four-Piece Bedding Set ($119.99)

The Bailey Elephant four-piece bedding set includes a quilt, two fitted sheets, and a dust ruffle. This is a great starting piece if you are putting together an elephant-themed nursery. 

This is also the ultimate baby gift if you are attending a baby shower anytime soon. All the pieces in this collection are made of 100% cotton, making them safe and ultra-soft. 

2. Stroller Blanket with Sherpa ($19.99)

If you love taking your baby on a walk, then this stroller blanket is for you. On one side is lightweight cotton for warm days, and on the other side is a fluffy fleece for cooler days.

There are two designs available for the Baily Elephant collection. One features adorable animated elephants in shades of grey. The second design is a minimalist geometric pattern on a light grey background. 

3. Musical Mobile ($49.99)

Another thing that should always be on your baby checklist is a musical mobile. They inspire your baby’s imagination and complete the look of your nursery.

The Bailey Elephant musical mobile features a set of delightful plush elephants. Coming in two pretty shades of grey, they hang from a sturdy frame covered in cotton. The musical mobile also plays a soothing Brahms’ lullaby that will soothe your baby.

4. Embroidered Quilt ($68.99)

This embroidered quilt is a valuable addition to any baby nursery. The Bailey Elephant quilt looks great and will fit perfectly into your décor. First, you can use it as part of your baby’s crib bedding. Second, you can also use it as a wall decoration. It comes with a rod pocket, so hanging it on your wall will be a breeze!

5. Quilted Comforter ($49.99)

After all the playing that happens during the day, your baby needs to have the most comfortable sleep. Our quilted comforter is made of 100% high quality cotton, making it breathable and ultra-soft.

The Bailey Elephant quilted comforter also comes in two designs…at the same time! On one side is the collection’s trademark elephant print, and on the other side is the minimalist geometric print. 

6. Fitted Sheet ($14.99)


If fitted sheets are on top of your baby shopping list, then you have come to the right place. You can choose between the two designs available for the Bailey Elephant collection. You can also choose both as they are equally adorable and affordable! 

Our fitted sheets are made of pure cotton, resulting to lightweight and breathable sheets. They are also ultra-soft, which softens with every wash. Your baby will love them!

Dino Land Collection

Finally, we also offer a roar-some collection for budding dinosaur lovers! The Dino Land collection features quirky illustrations of awesome dinosaurs, drawn on a lively palette of orange, blue, green, yellow, and grey. The result is a look that will thrill your little explorer.

1. Four-Piece Bedding Set ($119.99)

The Dino Land collection is an absolute must-have if you are building a dinosaur-themed nursery. The designs are a mix of dynamic dinosaur prints and cool patterns. The set also includes a quilt, two fitted sheets, and a dust ruffle that are all made of 100% cotton. 

2. Stroller Blanket with Sherpa ($19.99)

Summer is a great time to be outdoors, but sometimes, the heat of the sun can be too much on a baby’s sensitive skin. This stroller blanket is a stylish solution to this problem. Made with cotton on one side and sherpa on the other, you can use this stroller blanket throughout the year. 

The Dino Land stroller blanket features its trademark dinosaur design on a color palette of green, yellow, orange, and grey.

3. Musical Mobile ($49.99)

A musical mobile is a baby essential that you should not forget about. It functions as a baby soother, a baby toy, and a nursery décor – all at once. 

The Dino Land musical mobile is an awesome addition to your nursery. Its sturdy plastic frame is covered in cotton to make it safe. It also features four different dinosaurs to inspire your baby’s imagination. Plus, it plays a beautiful Brahms’ lullaby, too! 

4. Embroidered Quilt ($68.99)

The Dino Land embroidered quilt is a charming multi-purpose addition to your dinosaur-themed nursery. It features the collection’s trademark quirky dinosaur prints and color palettes. It also comes with a rod pocket so you can easily use it as a wall décor. As with any Living Textiles product, this quilt is made of 100% cotton, too.

5. Quilted Comforter ($49.99)

Quilted comforters keep babies warm and comfortable. Our quilted comforters are made of 100% premium cotton, so they are breathable and ultra-soft. They are made even softer with its fluffy padding.  

The Dino Land quilted comforter features a different design on each side. On one side is the collection’s trademark dinosaurs, and on the other side is a minimalist print on green background. Just flip it over for a fresh, new look!

6. Fitted Sheet ($14.99)


Our fitted sheets come in the two designs that are available for the Dino Land collection. Because they are very affordable, you can get both! They are made of 100% cotton, which makes them lightweight and very comfortable. As with our other fitted sheets, these are also fully elasticized and made to fit every standard-size crib. 

If you are ready to shop for baby essentials that are high quality and beautiful but don’t break the bank, start with Lolli by Lolli Living!

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