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12 Practical Gift Ideas for Your 1-Year Old Baby Girl

Time flies when you’re having fun – or when you are raising your child. The days may be long, especially when your baby was just a wee newborn, but you blink once and your baby is almost 1-year old! 

Your baby’s first year was full of dramatic developmental changes, and what was once a small, helpless infant is now a toddler.

Your baby, who used to spend most of their day sleeping, is now actively playing and exploring the world. They used to rely on breast milk or formula for nourishment, but now are beginning to have specific food preferences. Your baby is, indeed, growing fast!

But their growing independence doesn’t mean that your toddler does not have needs.

A Toddler’s Needs

A toddler begins to be called such when they begin to walk, which happens around 1 year of age. They are now a lot more mobile and are even learning how to communicate by talking. At this point, they may also be able to follow simple instructions.

At age 1, your baby will need toys and items that will help with their physical development, particularly with their walking and cruising. They will still need toys especially those that help perfect their fine motor skills.

Your 1-year old’s language skills still need more development. Encourage the growth of their vocabulary by talking to them more (no baby talk!) and getting them books.

They may be sleeping less now and will likely decline a morning nap in favor of more play time. However, they will still need a sleep space that is safe and comfortable.

Finally, while your 1-year old baby may still be drinking milk, at this point, they may already be eating a wide variety of foods. Encourage them to eat healthy foods that boost their growth and development.

Based on these needs, here are 12 gift ideas for your 1-year old baby girl.

12 Gift Ideas for Your 1-Year Old Baby Girl

1.    Kenzie Unicorn Plush Toy

Gift Ideas for 1 year old

It will take time – and we mean a long time – before your baby outgrows the need for a plush companion. The Kenzie Unicorn Plush Toy is pretty, charming, and definitely the idea toy for a 1-year old baby girl. It is made of cotton so it is ultra-soft, cozy, and perfect for cuddling. 

2.    Building Blocks 

Every child needs building blocks. Building blocks are great baby toys because they are open-ended, which means that a child can play with them however she wants. Building blocks will spark your 1-year old’s growing imagination and will boost their mental development. 

3.    Board Book 

While talking to your baby is still the best way to hone their language skills and build their vocabulary, reading books is almost as important. Your 1-year old baby girl is ready to graduate from soft books and move on to board books. Get her a variety of picture books, storybooks, and reference books for babies. 

4.    Push and Pull Toy

To encourage your baby girl to walk independently, it is also very helpful to get a push and pull toy rather than getting her a walker. A push and pull toy helps strengthen her leg muscles and improves balance and coordination. And she does all of these while having fun playing! 

5.   Kayden Toddler Sheet Set

Gift Ideas for 1 year old

At this point, your baby is not ready to sleep on her own bed yet. However, you may want to begin setting up her own bedroom to make her feel that she has her own space, encouraging independence. The Kayden Toddler Sheet Set is perfect for little beds and is complete with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 pillow case.

6.   Sparrow Duvet Set

Gift Ideas for 1 year old

Another option that you can get aside from a basic toddler sheet set is a duvet set. Still made of 100% cotton, the Sparrow Duvet Set includes 1 pillow case and 1 duvet. You can encourage your 1-year old to play in their bed and you can even take afternoon naps together! 

7.    Finger Paint

Babies and toddlers love painting! Finger painting is a brilliant way to stimulate a 1-year old’s senses, and this activity is a great way to introduce colors. Also, finger painting helps strengthen hand muscles and improve your baby girl’s fine motor skills. Plus, you get an artistic masterpiece as a result!  

8.    Shape Sorter

During this phase, it is good to introduce new concepts like shapes. To help your toddler learn her shapes, it is useful to get her a shape sorter that combines learning with fun. This also boosts the development of their fine motor skills and teaches the concepts of object permanence and cause-and-effect.

9.    Wooden Musical Instrument

Is there any child who doesn’t love making music? Inspire your baby girl’s love for music by getting her a musical instrument like a piano or a xylophone especially made for little hands. Toys made of wood may be the better option as they are usually more durable and eco-friendlier.

10. Pretend Play Set

Engaging in pretend play is an important developmental skill. With pretend play, your baby girl learns not only cognitive abilities but also social and emotional skills. Get her toys that encourage pretend play, such as pretend stores, pretend kitchens, and pretend doctor sets.  

11. Bath Toy

At this age, your baby will still enjoy bath time! Your toddler will relish playing and splashing with water, and you can use bath time to help her develop skills and learn concepts. Interactive toys, like foam letters and numbers, fishing toys, and wind-up toys, combine fun and learning during bath time.

12. Feeding Set

Finally, to encourage your 1-year old girl to eat healthy and try new foods, it is a good idea to get her a feeding set that will make eating more fun. Get her a set that features her favorite colors and characters. You may also want to consider other features like a suction, plate divisions, and heat detection.  


These practical gift ideas for your 1-year old baby girl are not only useful but also entertaining! They address the needs of your toddler, and at the same time, they stimulate the child’s love for learning.

Featured image by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash
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