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9 Super-Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

The ultrasound results are in… and it’s a boy! This news will be met by a lot of kisses, warm hugs, a couple of jokes, and a few tears. 

But once the excitement dies down a little, you’re left with a decision to make: what’s the best baby shower gift to give to a baby boy?

Finding out a baby’s gender definitely calls for a celebration, a baby shower for sure! And no baby shower is complete without beautiful and useful baby gifts. It can be quite challenging to look for the perfect gift for a baby boy, but with these 9 baby shower gift ideas for boys, you’ll have an easier time picking!

The Perfect Baby Gift for a Baby Boy

We made a list of gorgeous gender-neutral baby shower gifts as well as a list of sweet baby shower gifts for girls. Now it’s all about baby boys, baby blues, and playful designs. It’s time for lions and dinosaurs to take over the limelight! 

How do you know what makes a perfect baby boy gift? While it is tempting to get cute knick-knacks with a truck design, the first thing that needs to be considered is the item’s functionality. You would want to give the new baby – and the new parents – something that they will actually use a lot. 

The next thing that you need to consider is your choice’s quality. It should be made of high-quality material, much better if it is made by a reputable brand with a rigid quality control method. A well-made and high-quality product is a product that will not break easily, reducing the risks for a newborn baby. 

Finally, after considering the functionality and the quality, choose a gift that is pleasant on the eyes and the family will love to use. It is safer to ask the new parents about their baby’s nursery theme, but if they haven’t thought about it yet, it is also good to go for classic muted colors that don’t go out of style. 

Now, it’s time to look for the best baby shower gift ideas for the baby boy!

9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

1.    Baby Bento Gift Set – 2pk Swaddle + Austin Lion


Lions always make a gift more roar-some! This Baby Bento Gift Set from Living Textiles includes two muslin swaddle blankets that are made of 100% premium quality cotton. The gift set also features a mini version of the lovable Austin Lion plush toy, which is also made of cotton.

The Baby Bento Gift is a perfect baby shower gift idea because it provides a balanced mix of essentials and toys. The muslin swaddle blankets, undeniably a baby essential, are ultra-soft and versatile. On the other hand, Austin Lion is adorable and will be a great companion for a baby boy!

2.    Taylor T-Rex Plush Toy


Any baby boy needs at least one dinosaur toy, and Living Textiles’ Taylor T-Rex is a great first choice! When buying gifts for newborn babies, stay away from plastic toys with small parts. For now, your best bet is a soft, open-ended toy that piques their growing imagination.

Made of 100% high-quality cotton, this plush toy is incredibly soft, which makes it perfect for both playtime and cuddle time. It also comes with a knitted surface, with an interesting texture that stimulates a baby’s tactile senses.

3.    Charley Fox Soft Rattle


Rattles are vital for a baby’s development. A rattle does not only intrigue a baby with its jingling sound but also strengthens their muscles as they swing the toy around. With this said, a rattle is, indeed, a fantastic gift idea.

However, for a newborn baby, a soft rattle is better than a hard plastic one, which can hurt them if it accidentally falls from their hands. The Charley Fox from Living Textiles is made of 100% cotton, is ultra-soft, and comes with an expressive face that a baby will take delight in!

4.    Grey Stars Muslin Wearable Blanket


Baby blankets are a baby must-have, and so are wearable blankets! Wearable blankets are great for newborn babies because they stay in place and don’t bunch up during the night.

Living Textiles Grey Stars wearable blanket is made of 100% cotton muslin, which makes it lightweight and breathable. It comes with four click-together buttons on each side, ensuring a secure but comfortable fit.

5.    Safari Musical Mobile

Because no baby nursery is complete without a musical mobile, why not get the baby one? Not all musical mobiles are made equal, though. You need to stay away from those that are made with flimsy material and come with long strings that pose a strangulation risk. 

The Safari Musical Mobile by Lolli Living has elements made of plastic and 100% cotton. This musical mobile has the most adorable animal hanging plush toys that the baby can play with. And when it’s time to sleep, it helps soothe the baby with its 12 classical melodies like Brahms’ Lullaby.

6.    Peaks Bandana Bibs

A newborn baby may not need bibs during the first months of his life, but then again, babies grow so fast! The baby may start needing bibs even before his parents realize it, so give them a pack during the baby shower!


The Lolli Living Peaks Bandana Bibs (2-pack) are functional, durable, and stylish. Made of 100% premium cotton, they soften with every wash. They are also absorbent, reversible, and adjustable. Plus, they come in a modern white and grey colors with a dreamy mountain design.

7.    Blue Elephant Hooded Towel

Hooded towels are essential because they keep a baby cozy and comfortable after bath time. But baby hooded towels don’t have to be bland and boring! Aside from being functional, a well-designed hooded towel will also add to the aesthetic of a nursery.  

The Living Textiles Blue Elephant hooded towel is not stiff and rough; instead it feels ultra-soft and luxurious. It is also very absorbent! It comes in white with a grey trim and a boucle embroidery that stimulates a baby’s sense of touch. 

8.    Blue Clouds Chenille Blanket

Gift Ideas for Boys

The gift of coziness and comfort is a gift that keeps on giving! While a muslin swaddle blanket is lightweight and perfect for the summer months, a thicker chenille blanket is the answer when the temperature slightly drops. 

The Living Textiles Blue Clouds chenille blanket will keep a baby feeling snug with its ultra-soft and luxurious feel. It comes in a pale blue color that looks good on any nursery, with a cloud pattern that adds a playful tone to it.  

9.    Safari Crib Bedding Set

Gift Ideas for Boys

Finally, give the gift of a restful sleep by giving the baby a complete crib bedding set! A crib bedding set can serve as the focal point of a baby nursery, so in a way, you may also be helping the new parents decide on a theme. And Safari is a great theme for a baby nursery! 

The Lolli Living Safari Crib Bedding Set is a set of 4 that comes with 2 fitted sheets, a quilt, and a bed skirt. They feature lively animal prints that kindle a baby’s imagination. All made of 100% cotton, the whole set is amazingly soft, breathable, and comfortable.


These baby shower gift ideas will make picking a gift for a baby boy a lot easier and more fun. Plus, you are sure that you are getting the new baby something he will use and enjoy playing with!

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