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Planning a Baby Shower: The 9 Baby Shower Essentials

A friend or a relative is having a baby real soon, and there’s a lot to do. There is baby stuff to be bought, a nursery to be set up, and – oh yeah – a baby shower to be planned! If the responsibility of pulling off the perfect baby shoulder falls on your shoulders, worry no more as we are here to help!

The great thing about baby showers is that they can be as casual as carefree as you want it to be. But of course, looking into the details of planning a baby shower helps a lot to make sure that everyone – especially the expectant mom – has a great time.

When to Start Planning the Baby Shower

If the expectant mother is in on the planning, it is best to let her decide on the date of the baby shower. Consider that she may be very busy doing pregnant-things; after all, nesting, shopping, and checkups do take a lot of time!

But if you are planning a surprise baby shower, wait until the third trimester. The discomforts of the earlier months are probably already gone, and the discomforts that come during the eighth or ninth month aren’t there yet.

It is during this time that the expecting couple probably knows the baby’s gender already, which makes it easier for the guests to scout for unique baby shower gift ideas. Otherwise, if they are not considering knowing the baby’s gender prior to birth, then it’s wise to tell the guests to start looking for gender-neutral baby gifts. 

So when do you start planning the baby shower? Do it at least a month and a half before the set date to allow for more flexibility and adjustments. This will also give the guests time to clear the calendar for the party.

If you are ready to plan, let’s go over the baby shower essentials you need to keep in mind!

9 Baby Shower Essentials for Perfect Party

A baby shower is truly a joyous event, a celebration of life! As the host of your loved one’s upcoming baby shower, it is normal to feel a little overwhelmed with this responsibility. Knowing the baby shower essentials will definitely help you plan the perfect party. Here are 9 things to keep in mind when planning a baby shower.

1.    Choose a planning team. Delegate tasks!

If planning a baby shower seems to be a lot of work, that’s because it can be. So don’t do it on your own! Get your own team of responsible, trustworthy pals to help you with the tasks. Think of it as having your own bridesmaids – but for a baby shower.

2.    Choose the final date and venue.

The first choice of venue will probably be the expectant mother’s home as this might be the most comfortable location for her. But you can also consider other options, whether indoor or outdoor. Just make sure that the venue is convenient, especially for the pregnant guest of honor.

3.    Come up with a baby shower theme.

It is important to come up with a baby shower theme as early as possible as it will make the planning process a lot easier. Your theme can revolve around the expectant parents’ nursery theme if they already have one. For practical reasons, it is also helpful to have a theme that uses gender-neutral designs and colors.

4.    Send invitations.

You should come up with a list of guests as early as possible, too, as you will need to send invitations at least a month and a half prior to the party. Make sure that your invitations contain all the important details: from the date and the venue to the theme and the program.

5.    Share unique baby shower gift ideas.

As the date is nearing, it will be helpful to share baby shower gift ideas with the other guests. From age-appropriate newborn baby toys to soft baby blankets, the guests will certainly appreciate all of the ideas! While you can share ideas from a particular gift registry, you can also suggest gender-neutral and useful baby items.

6.    Pick the decorations.

It can be a lot of fun picking the baby shower decorations! But, since you are going to be spending money on décor anyway, it is more practical to choose decorations that the expecting family can use. Decorate the venue with adorable newborn baby toys and the most charming soft baby blankets that can also double as baby shower gifts.

7.    Set the menu.

Baby showers are typically laidback parties that don’t require an elaborate menu, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you! Do remember to take note of the expectant mom’s dietary restrictions, if there are any, to make sure she enjoys the food at her baby shower.

8.    Plan the party activities and the baby shower games.

No baby shower is ever complete without activities and several baby shower games! To make sure everyone will have fun, you can mix simple activities, like giving the expectant mom pieces of advice, and exciting baby shower games such as baby food guessing game and baby trivia.

9.    Prepare thank you cards and party favors.

Finally, don’t forget to thank the guests for coming! Preparing simple thank you cards and party favors shows them you appreciate the time and effort they spared for the celebration. And for the pregnant guest of honor, you may prepare a special gift that is meant for her (not for the baby this time)!


Planning a baby shower can be fun and exciting even if it is a bit challenging! Now that you know the 9 baby shower essentials to keep in mind, you are definitely going to be the best baby shower planner in town. 

Featured image by Paola Vasquez from Pexels
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